Woolrich Elite Series Introduces New Discreet Carry Long Sleeve Shirt

posted on January 20, 2012

Based on the hot-selling Expedition shirt from Woolrich's traditional catalog, the Discreet Carry Long Sleeve Shirt looks and feels like no other tactical shirt on the market. A polyester-modal blend gives the Discreet Carry Long Sleeve a suede-like finish that's as warm as it is comfortable.

"Responsible armed citizens and off-duty officers have to live in the everyday world, and need to dress accordingly," said Jerry Rinder, Woolrich Elite Series vice president. "Our goal is make the Elite Series the most comprehensive line of tactical clothing out there. The new Discreet Carry Long Sleeve Shirt is a great example of this philosophy."

In addition to the durability and exceptional fit consumers have come to expect from Woolrich Elite Series, the Discreet Carry Long Sleeve Shirt has all of the necessary tactical features built in.

The shirt has a pair of Woolrich Elite Series' unique two-ply pockets on the chest. These two- chamber pockets feature a normal button-closure pocket, with a second hook-and-loop closure pocket directly behind. The inner pocket has elastic accessory loops for the consistent, secure carry of spare pistol magazines, knives, lights or chemical sprays. If printing is a concern, a piece of paper or cardstock can be carried in the outer pocket to breakup any outline.

False magnetic buttons on the upper chest allow for fast and discreet access to shoulder rigs, holster T-shirts or belly bands. Another false magnetic button at the bottom lets the wearer sweep the shirt open to access strong-side or crossdraw holsters.

A straight-bottom hem allows for untucked wear, while hook-and-loop side vents can be ripped open for immediate access to items on the belt or inside the waistband.

Double-needle topstitching and a double-layer back yoke add to this garment's durability and comfortable wear.

The Discreet Carry Long Sleeve Shirt is available in light olive, wood, and navy blue. Sizes run from S to 3XL.


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