Upgrade Your AK

Communism only made one thing that works, and capitalism can make it even better. Amp up your AK with these exciting accessories.

posted on March 2, 2023
AK accessories

A. Beyond having an injection-molded polymer exterior for superior ergonomics over traditional AK forearm shortcomings, the Magpul Zhukov Hand Guard–AK47/AK74 includes a full-length aluminum chassis for strength, rigidity and welcome heat dispersion. M-Lok attachment slots for rails, grips or light mounts are located at the three-, six- and 12-o’clock positions in a manner similar to AR-15 handguards. MSRP: $109.95; magpul.com

B. For those who want an upgraded trigger pull for their AK, the ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow (AKT-EL) is machined from gun-quality alloy steel and has  a corrosion-resistant, manganese-phosphate finish. Designed for the AK-47/AK-74 platforms, it offers a smoother, shorter single-stage pull. Its lightning bow produces a comfortable feel while enhancing trigger control. Best of all, the AKT-EL lends three parts toward 922(r) compliance. MSRP: $115; geissele.com

C. In addition to being a U.S.-made part for 922(r) purposes, the Hogue OverMolded AK-47/AK-74 Grip sports an orthopedic hand-shape as well as compound palm swells with proportioned finger grooves for natural hand positioning. The grip’s exterior is finished with cobblestone texturing that offers ample purchase, while its hollow core provides a sealed storage compartment for batteries or other accessories. MSRP: $34.95; hogueinc.com

D. Offering a no-nonsense, standard-capacity 7.62x39 mm magazine for AK-pattern rifles, Xtech Tactical Mag47 Gen2–30 round AK47 Magazine features super-tough polymer construction paired with a steel-lined cage that reinforces the locking lugs and feed lips for enhanced strength. Its stainless-steel spring includes an anti-bind mechanism, fostering the reliability Kalashnikov enthusiasts expect. MSRP: $29.95; xtechtactical.com

E. Built from high-strength, carbon fiber and glass-reinforced black polymer, ProMag Industries’ Archangel Yugo PAP AK-Series OPFOR Buttstock Set–Black Polymer fits Yugoslavian-pattern, stamped-receiver AKs. Its design allows for an optimal sight picture with both iron sights and optics, and includes several ergonomic features,like four LOP adjustments and a seven-position adjustable cheek riser to customize your cheekweld. MSRP: $63.99; promagindustries.com


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