The Ultimate 2019 Tactical Holiday Gift Guide

posted on December 5, 2019
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Whether you’re shopping for a handy tool for a tinkerer or adventure gear for an explorer, our guide will get you off to a good start. The manufacturers offer many more products than we can show here, so use the web addresses as jumping-off points to even more great gifts:

1 | Venture Gear Tactical Loadout
These ballistic goggles offer outstanding protection with minimal fogging. A vented frame allows for breathability, but filters dust and debris for safety. Foam padding provides comfort, so you can wear them for even the longest day on the range. $34.99;

2 | Dark Energy Reaper Portable Charger
Nearly indestructible, the Reaper portable charger is waterproof, drop-proof, crushproof and a must-have when you’re on the go and need some juice. Stay powered no matter your environment. A survival cable lightning cord can also be added for an additional cost. $109.99;

3 | Axeon Optics Absolute Zero
Zeroing your optic has never been easier thanks to the Absolute Zero, which uses two lasers and a rock-solid mount to make a one-shot zero not only possible, but also simple. $79.99;

4 | Motorola Solutions T800 Two-Way Radios
With the ability to share and track locations with travel companions, there’s no need to worry if you’re out of cell range. Simply download the app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. $109.99;

5 | Butler Creek ASAP Electronic Magazine Loader
On the range, everyone wants to spend more time shooting and less time loading magazines, and this innovative loader made by Butler Creek makes mag loading fast and easy. It takes just 45 seconds for this unit to automatically load a 30-round magazine, giving you more trigger time. $299.99;

6 | Quake Industries The Claw Gear Bag Strap
Give someone’s shoulder a break. Designed for quick and easy attachment to any D- or O-ring hardware found conventional range bags, the all-grip, no-slip pad provides ample purchase while reducing carry fatigue to your shoulder and neck. Choose from eight available colors. $24.95;

7 | Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs
Thanks to the technology of today’s hearing protection, there’s no reason not to take advantage of a cutting-edge pair of muffs like those in the Howard Leight Impact Sport line. These muffs protect your hearing while also amplifying ambient noise, allowing wearers to hear range commands. $70;

8 | Safariland Shooters’ Range Backpack
Humping your stuff when going shooting can now be far more pleasant. Available in black, tan or gray, this backpack provides an abundance of compartmentalized storage for all of your range gear. It has lockable zippers; a removable, dual pistol sleeve; a large, reinforced lower compartment for heavy items and an all-weather cover. $195;

1 | Hawke Tilt Bipod
This 9- to 13-inch tilting bipod features spring-loaded, adjustable legs and easily mounts to a sling swivel. Built from high-grade aluminum and anodized, it is a solid, relatively inexpensive option for a stable-shooting platform. $83;

2 | TruGlo TFX Pro Handgun Sights
Compatible with most popular handgun models, TFX Pro sights provide visibility in all shooting conditions as well as glow in the dark. A U-notch rear sight design also allows for quick acquisition. $178.99;

3 | McMillian Mc3 Tactical Legend Stock
Give the gift of a rifle upgrade. Constructed of a glass-filled, proprietary polymer and tipping the scales at a svelte 61 ounces, McMillian’s new line of stocks is designed to fit all Remington 700 actions and sports aluminum pillars bedded in during the molding process. The end is topped off with a 1-inch Pach- mayr Decelerator recoil pad. $289;

4 | MagFix S&W Shield Magazine Extension
You love your Smith & Wesson Shield, but don’t like how the 8-round magazine pinches your finger? Add the Safety Solutions Academy MagFix to the magazine and eliminate that sore spot. Designed by shooters as a finger-friendly, well, fix, it’s a quick replacement that greatly improves the pistol’s ergonomics. $24.95

5 | Carver Custom Uncaptured Tungsten Guide Rod Assembly for Glock Gen4 G19
Recoil Sensitive? No problem. Carver Custom’s extensive line of tungsten guide rods offers a simple and affordable means to tame your Glock. Both a Wolff recoil spring and Gen4 bushing are also included. $85.99;

6 | GSG Ruger 10/22 110-Round Rotary Drum Magazine
Built in Germany and fabricated from polymer, the GSG magazine brings tremendous firepower to Ruger’s seemingly ubiquitous semi-automatic rimfire. The reliable magazine features a loading lever and high-tensile internal springs. It also fits the Ruger 77/22 and 96/22. Finally, you can shoot virtually to your heart’s content without having to stop to reload. $49.99;

7 | SOB Tactical MFQD B-Sling
The latest version of the popular B-Sling sports a Motion-Free, Quick-Detach front swivel that eliminates excessive movement common to many QD-sling swivels. A push-pull lanyard enables instant adjustment, and it is available in five color options. $60;

8 | Wilson Combat TTU AR Trigger
Featuring components that are either CNC machined and/or EDM cut from solid bar stock for enhanced durability, the TTU offers drop-in modularity in an AR trigger that provides a crisp 4-pound pull without fine-tuning or adjustment. $189.95;

9 | DuraMag Speed 5.56 NATO/300 BLK Magazine
Lightweight and durable, these AR-15-style aluminum magazines will match perfect with your next rifle build. They have a 30-round capacity and come anodized in red or bronze. $14.20;

10 | Eagle Grips Kirinite Grips
The company originally known for premium natural materials now also boasts Kirinite, an attractive, non-slippery synthetic in a host of colors to enhance many popular handguns. Moreover, each set of durable Kirinite grips is well-figured and unique. $79.95;

1 | Liberty Home Concealment Hidden Gun Concealment Lamp
More than an elegant piece of decor, this multi-purpose lamp boasts a hidden compartment to stash a handgun anywhere in your home. A magnetic lock grants quick access while remaining hidden in plain sight. It’s also available in a variety of colors and finishes. $123.24

2 | Black Rifle Coffee Company Freedom Fuel
Life’s too short to drink bad coffee. For this holiday season, get your family and friends set up with a decent cup of joe and head over to Black Rifle Coffee Company. This veteran-owned business specializes in quality, small-batch coffee that’s roasted to order. $13.99;

3 | BUDK M48 Cyclone Knife
This utterly ridiculous knife with its spiral cast-steel blade and crusher pommel screams must-have for any fan of pointed objects. It comes with a belt sheath, should you wish to carry it on your tactical kilt. $69.99;

4 | Kristoff Cigars
Known for its super-premium blends of tobacco from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, Kristoff Cigars are among the finest available. This eight-cigar sampler from JR Cigars provides the aficionado with a host of distinct tones and tastes. $73.20;

5 | Camp Chef Big Gas Grill 2X
Whether in your backyard or your home-away-from-home, a sturdy grill is a necessity of life. Camp Chef’s Big Gas Grill 2X offers two large burners, a BBQ box for grilling and a fold-out counter for prep and staging. Easily detached legs mean you can cook on a picnic table or tailgate, and the modular nature allows additions like griddles or even a pizza oven. $352.99;

6 | Wright Leather Works Sleigh Bell Door Hanger
Handmade from leather and heavy-duty cast bells, these are a perfect addition to your holiday decorations. They also can double as an alarm on the door to signal the arrival of visitors. $75;

7 | Stack-On In-Wall Safe
Secure valuables while maximizing unused space in your home with this unobtrusive in-wall safe. Designed to mount between 16-inch wall studs, the safe is large enough to hold items such as documents, handguns and jewelry behind either an electronic or biometric lock. $169.99;

8 | RW Minis .50-cal. Non-Firing 13 Replica Rifle
Crafted with astonishing detail, RW Minis’ all-metal, .50-cal. Replica Rifle is 13.5-inches long and features a moving charging handle, flip-up iron sights, spring-loaded trigger, bipod, removable magazine with three brass dummy rounds and an included scope. It makes an ideal desktop novelty for any firearm or militaria enthusiast. $44.99;

9 | Have a Shot of Freedom Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon
Born in 2011 as the brainchild of Marines serving in Afghanistan, this small-batch bourbon is aged in new, charred-oak barrels and bottled at 90 proof. In addition to being a refreshing, post-range libation, proceeds of each purchase go to support charities benefitting America’s servicemen and women. $39.95;

10 | Chocolate Weapons Soap Gun
Arriving in a hard-shell, foam-lined case, “The Black Stallion” soap will wash away the dirt and grime from a long day at the range, yet still leave that manly smell. It’s definitely a “musk” have. $19.99;

11 | Gamo TC-35 Big Bore PCP Rifle
With features including an adjustable two-stage trigger, integrated suppressor and a Weaver Rail system, the TC-35 air rifle is sure to be a great companion on your next hunt. $999;

1 | Nine Line Apparel Athletic Tailgater Hoodie
Show your support for the NRA with this moisture-wicking hooded sweatshirt sporting the NRA logo in Mossy Oak Overwatch camo. A built-in, insulated beverage holder atop the center hand-warming pocket is an added bonus for cool fall days at the football game. $59.99;

2 | Asfaleia Concealed Carry Tote Handbag
Available in three different color schemes and two sizes, this CCW handbag provides quick access with its magnetic-closer pockets. Additionally, a plate-carrier pocket is available to hold a ballistic armor panel if one so desires. $379.95;

3 | KeySmart Pro
Tired of your keys jangling around in your pocket? Streamline your key collection with the KeySmart Pro, an organizer with a built-in flashlight, bottle opener and loop ring for your car remote. The unit even has a built-in locator compatible with the Tile app. $59.99;

4 | VZ Grips Diamante Dagger
For the discriminating blade enthusiast who seemingly has everything, why not something truly unique? VZ Grips, famous for its G10 scales for handguns, recently released a dagger made from the same nigh-invulnerable material. Serrations run nearly the full length of the blade, with an overall weight of only 2.3 ounces. Boltaron or Kydex sheaths are available separately. $99;

5 | Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet
Looking for a high-speed, tactical wallet but don’t want to lose the familiarity of a bifold? Magpul’s new DAKA bifold offers the best of both worlds. With a standard cash section and slots for ID and credit cards, you can carry everything you need without the massive “Costanza wallet.” $24.95;

6 | POM OC Spray
More of today’s top-of-the-line trainers are recommending that armed citizens carry OC spray. This less-lethal personal-defense tool provides force-escalation options and can be added inexpensively to a defensive arsenal. The sprays are available in a range of colors and can be had with either a clip or keyring. $12.95;

7 | Blue Force Gear Admin Dapper Pouch
Whether you’re headed to the range or to the office, the Admin Dapper Pouch can easily attach to the inside of a backpack with its hook-and-loop strips and can hold M4 mags, pens, chargers or other essential personal items. $36.95;

8 | Pelican Go Case
For the active individual, having everything you need in one place is handy. If that place happens to be both water- and dust-resistant, even better. Pelican’s G40 Personal Utility Go Case comes in a variety of colorful options, fits most popular cellular phones and even has card pockets for your credit cards and ID. $39.95;

9 | Ballistic Impressions Cufflinks and Tie-tack
Want to show off your shooting-related proclivities when stepping out? Ballistic Impressions offers this eye-catching cufflinks-and-lapel-pin combo that features your choice of 9 mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP Federal HST expanded projectiles. Hardware is available in gold, silver or antique bronze. $45;

10 | Cheata Tactical Trotter Bra
Providing the stability of two to three sports bras, the Trotter Bra allows the chest to look and feel smaller, lighter and managed, especially at the range. $69.95;

11 | Browning Alpha Elite Flashlight
New for 2019, the USB-rechargeable 500 lumen Alpha Elite flashlight can easily fit into a pocket or clip inside a bag with its pocket clip. High white, low white and green modes are provided. $69.99;

1 | JBL by Harman Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Easily clipped onto a backpack, this portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and has a 10-hour battery life. Jam out to your playlist while working in the shop. $59.95;

2 | Barrel Buddy Bore Cleaner
A new take on cleaning your barrels, the Barrel Buddy system is easy to use. It consists of a three-dimensional cylinder that provides full, 360-degree coverage of your lands and grooves and can be used with or without solvent. Sizes are available from .22 caliber to 10 gauge. $19.99 per 50;

3 | Real Avid 4-in-1 Glock Tool
For the Glock pistol owner in your life, there’s no better tool for basic maintenance than this slim, easy-to-use multitool offered by Real Avid. With four different tools on board, users can adjust front and rear sights, remove frame pins and disassemble other components for maintenance. $24.99;

4 | Lucas Oil Products
Extreme Duty Bore Solvent and Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner is a premium blend of cleaning solvents and corrosion inhibitors that does more than remove carbon, copper/lead fouling and powder residue from actions, cylinders and barrels; it protects your firearm. Best of all, it requires no mixing, rinsing or oil dip after ultrasonic use, saving you time and money. $15.99;

5 | Coast Products EAL 22
Offering up to 1,300 lumens of light on high setting or 90 lumens on low, the Coast Products EAL22 light can light up your shop for up to 40 hours when the power goes out. It’s even got a red LED light for low-light applications or to act as an emergency beacon. $44.99;

6 | Fix-It Sticks
When installing a riflescope, having the proper torque on both the rings and the mounts is key. Fix-it Sticks has a comprehensive driver kit with adjustable torque settings that is equally at home in the shop as well as on the range. A half-inch socket and 15 bits fit into the nylon pouch with the driver, which is adjustable between 15 to 65 inch-pounds. $112;

7 | Lyman Essential Rifle Maintenance Mat
Whether disassembling, assembling or cleaning your firearms, the Lyman rifle maintenance mat protects your guns as well as the table you are working on. Every part has its place with the molded-in storage compartments. $35.98;

1 | Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe
The Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe offers quick access to your firearm while providing essential security and limited access. Its patent-pending mounting system is compatible with virtually any vehicle, thanks to an inflatable air bladder that, once inflated, secures the safe either between the seats or adjacent to its center console. Built-in RFID technology enables access quickly via the included wristband, keys, stickers and a key fob. $277.91;

2 | DTL GEAR Bleeding Control Kit (IFAK)
Available in First Aid Red or Tactical Black, this kit contains the lifesaving essentials for anyone to bring blood loss under control in an emergency. It is offered in three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, the latter two with upgraded components. $79.95 (Basic);

3 | Vaultek Lifepod
Airtight and water-resistant, the Lifepod is a TSA-approved gun case that makes traveling with a firearm more convenient. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the locking system has a low-battery indicator, backup micro-USB power inlet and an optional key lock. The case will accommodate pistols up to 7.75 inches long and even floats with up to a 2-pound load inside. $99;

4 | SOG Tactical Tomahawk
A good tool to have in an emergency—whether for extracting, excavating or chopping to rescue or survive—the Tactical Tomahawk features a 420 stainless steel head and a grippy, fiberglass-reinforced handle to ensure stability, power and durability. $49.95;

5 | Eberlestock X41 HiSpeed II
Built for adventure, this fully compressible, 1,800-cubic inch pack is made of 420-denier nylon and incorporates a host of useful features. There are multiple pairs of side-mounted compression straps, MOLLE-10 lightweight webbing for affixing 25 mm MOLLE accessories, an interior hydration sleeve, two document/laptop sleeves and even a fold-away shelf for keeping contents separate. $199;

6 | Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit
Fresh, clean water is always a necessity, and with this kit you can drink directly from a freshwater source with the filter straw or use the two provided collapsible canteens to transfer dirty water to clean. $40;

7 | Hoppes AirVault Storage Bags
For worry-free, long-term storage of your rifles and pistols, there are few better options on the market than these AirVault bags. Constructed with a special blend of corrosion inhibitors, these bags protect cleaned and oiled firearms from corrosion for a period of up to five years. $8.95;

8 | Pepper Ball TCP
Shaped like a firearm, but firing less-lethal projectiles to an effective range of 150 feet, the TCP provides a use-of-force option short of lethality combined with the ability to engage an assailant before he is in contact with you. Each TCP comes with a six-round magazine, but projectiles and CO2 cartridges are sold separately. $399.99;

9 | Cordova Soft-Side Cooler
Whether you’re off on a cross-country trip or just spending the day at the range, Cordova’s soft-side cooler will keep beverages cold all day long. Weighing just 2 pounds and fitting up to 16 cans with 10 pounds of ice, this cooler has a waterproof zipper and liner, and a 1000-denier nylon outer shell. $149.99;

10 | NRA Store Super Life Member License Plate Frame
Help someone display their pride in NRA and their contribution to the defense of the Second Amendment with an NRA license plate frame. The highly polished metal frame is available to reflect the recipient’s level of Association membership. $9.95;


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