SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: New 1911 Style Pistols

Double- or single-stack, 9mm, 10mm or .45 ACP, they're all based on the iconic 1911.

posted on January 25, 2024
New 1911 Style Pistols

Below are a few different makes and models of single- or double-stack 1911s we saw out on the SHOT Show 2024 floor. Even more than a century later, the timeless 1911 design clearly shows no signs of slowing down. Chamberings in 9mm and 10mm are becoming more popular than ever.

Vudoo Gunworks Commander Priest

One of Vudoo Gun Works’s newest double-stack 1911s to hit the SHOT Show 2024 floor is the new 9mm Commander sized Priest. It’s built around the Cheely grip module, an all-metal part favored by many high end custom pistolsmiths. Most notably, the Cheely module has very aggressive texturing that really helps a shooter lock in their grip. While the traditional 1911 single- or double-stack design has always made use of the original grip safety, The Cheely module omits these, for a more streamlined function and feel. Vudoo Gun Works is offering customers the choice of having these new Commander Priests built with or without barrel porting. Prices start at $3,195. 

Tisas BR 9 DS Compact 

Following the success of Tisas USA’s single-stack 1911 pistols, the Turkish gunmaker is expanding into the realm of affordable double-stack 1911 pistols. This SHOT Show, Tisas, which is imported by Knoxville, TN based SDS Imports, is unveiling the new BR 9 DS, a Commander- sized 9mm double-stack 1911 suitable for carry and self defense. Today's shooters seem to be falling head-over-heels for double-stack guns, but one of the biggest issues with those guns is the cost. This is one of reasons Tisas why is stepping up to provide more affordable guns. The new BR 9 DS Compact is optics ready and comes with ambidextrous safeties from the factory and retails for $800.

Queen Bee

Les Baer Queen Bee 

At the Les Baer booth, visitors can come up and look at one of their centerpieces for this year’s SHOT Show: the new 9mm-chambered Queen Bee 1911. This single-stack 1911 stands out with its crimson-hued “Cranberry Frost” finished. Dimensionally, the Queen Bee is built with a slightly shorter Commanche (not quite Commander) length slide, something proprietary to Les Baer builds. Likewise, the single-stack frame is based on Les Baer’s Stinger’s Officer-size frame, as the gun is designed around carry and personal protection, especially for female shooters with smaller hands. The Les Baer Queen Bee has an MSRP of $3,977.

Nighthawk 10mm Firehawk 

This year, Nighthawk Custom is showcasing a new single-stack 10mm-chambered Firehawk. This full-sized pistol has a single-port compensator that is custom fit to the muzzle. This compensator redirects the fired round’s gasses upwards to help keep the muzzle level when shooting. Because the 10mm handgun cartridge is, in most offerings, comparable to magnum cartridges, shooting one with a compensator makes a lot of sense. Nighthawk Custom also engineers the Firehawk 1911 with a lightened slide to improve the gun’s cycling reliability when used in conjunction with the compensator. Retail prices for the Nighthawk Custom Firehawk start at $4,799. 



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