SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: Bolt Action Rifles

The manual of arms for these rifles is rather … manual.

posted on January 25, 2024
Bolt action rifles

Thanks to a resurgence of interest in long-range hunting and precision rifle completions, bolt-action rifles are more popular than ever before. Here’s a few we saw on the floor of SHOT Show 2024. 

Accuracy International ATXC

Accuracy International is launching the ATXC bolt action rifle. This rifle uses the British company’s proven action and is chambered for today’s most popular and competitive short action centerfire cartridges including 6.5mm Creedmoor, .308 Win. and 6mm Creedmoor. Barrel lengths available are either 24 or 26 inches. Its chassis makes use of AI’s Quickloc system which resembles the older keymod pattern but is a completely different design. Long bridges are available with co-planar top rails that integrate seamlessly with the receiver’s built in 20-MOA base. The Ai AT stock also folds and is  adjustable for comb, height and cant.

Taurus Expedition

Taurus is releasing its Expedition bolt action rifle, the first for this Brazilian company that typically only sells pistols. It uses a composite stock designed with several bipod-attachment mounts designed in-house. Taurus chose the dependable Remington 700 short-action pattern receiver along with a tri-lug bolt for the action. The rifle is configured to feed from AICS pattern detachable mags. At launch the rifle is currently available in .308 Win. with a field-contour, cold-hammer-forged, 18-inch barrel. 

Bergara MG Micro Lite

Bergara is doubling down its efforts in the ultralight arena, because this year the company is unveiling its machined-magnesium chassis, ultralight, carbon-fiber bolt action rifle, the new MG Micro Lite. This rifle resembles a mini modern “PRS” style rifle due to its chassis system and adjustable peripherals, but it weighs maybe 75-percent less than the typical modern chassis bolt gun. Although ultralight rifles are popular with rugged terrain hunters, the Spanish gunmaker is touting this as a general purpose ultralight for anyone in need of lightweight kit. 

Rock River Arms RBG-15

Rock River Arms launched its RBG-1S bolt action rifle at this years SHOT Show. The RBG-1S is set up for modern contemporary long-distance shooting and/or shooting in PRS-style matches thanks to the adjustable KRG chassis that it ships with. RBG-1S rifles are available with 20-, 22- or 24-inch barrels, all chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor, which is arguably the modern era’s go-to short action cartridge. Rock River Arms builds these bolt action rifles with their proprietary action, but it does have some Remington 700-esque features such as its safety.


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