Safety Recall Notice on the M&P Shield EZ Pistol

posted on November 24, 2020

Smith & Wesson announced this week that it has identified two M&P Shield EZ pistols on which the hammers manufactured by the supplier were cracked. In those firearms the hammer failed to fully engage the sear, which caused the round to fire, cycling the slide and potentially resulting in multiple discharges without depressing the trigger. In all cases, the firearm will NOT fire unless the grip safety is depressed.  

This condition has been found only in two hammers, and Smith & Wesson’s investigation suggests the pair of incidents are very isolated. Any unintended discharge of a firearm, however, has the potential to cause injury.  Therefore, Smith & Wesson has established this Safety Recall as a precautionary measure to ensure that all M&P Shield EZ Pistols in service meet it design specifications, as any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential to cause injury. This notice applies only to M&P Shield EZ pistols (including Performance Center models) manufactured between March 1, 2020, and Oct. 31, 2020, and only to a small percentage of that population. It does NOT apply to all Shield pistols.  

Stop using your M&P Shield EZ pistol until you determine whether it is included in this safety recall, and if so, until it has been inspected and repaired by Smith & Wesson, if necessary. Owners of all M&P9 Shield EZ and M&P380 Shield EZ—including Performance Center models, should visit this special web page and input their pistol’s serial number, or call (888)-871-7114 immediately to determine if the hammer of their M&P Shield EZ Pistol was from a manufacturing lot that was potentially affected.  This notice applies only to certain M&P Shield EZ models, and not all M&P Shield pistols.

If your M&P Shield EZ Pistol is included in this recall, as determined by the website link or telephone number above, discontinue its use immediately and follow the instructions on the website link—or call (888) 871-7114—and the company will arrange for the return of your firearm to Smith & Wesson for inspection. After inspection, if the hammer from your firearm is affected, it will be replaced at no cost to you. It is anticipated the entire process will take no longer than 10 business days, and pistols will be returned as quickly and efficiently as possible. All shipping and replacement costs will be covered by Smith & Wesson. 

M&P Shield EZ Pistol owners outside the United States can refer to the Smith & Wesson list of Authorized Warranty Centers, where your pistol can be inspected and hammer replaced as necessary.



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