SAAMI Announces Ammunition Equivalency Online Resources

posted on November 2, 2021
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The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) is pleased to announce it has added two new web-based resources. The new documents help clarify the interchangeability of certain ammunition in a specified firearm chamber, and identify the names of equivalent and historical cartridges.

These documents are important for firearm safety because they provide industry and recreational shooters the ability to identify what ammunition can be safely shot in firearms, whether it is an alternate cartridge in a specified firearm chamber or a known equivalent historical name for a cartridge.

“These important documents add to SAAMI’s technical library of firearm safety resources that provide guidance to both industry professionals and the firearm-owning community. They emphasize important safety and technical information regarding the proper matching of ammunition and firearms, and what precautions must be taken,” said Joe Bartozzi, SAAMI president and CEO.

Both documents were developed by the SAAMI Joint Technical Committee and can be found on the SAAMI website under Informational Publications and Advisories.  

The “Generally Accepted Firearms and Ammunition Interchangeability” advisory lists generally accepted alternate firearm/ammunition combinations that will generally allow for the safe firing of an alternate cartridge in a specified firearm chamber. There is also information on shotshell interchangeability and commercial vs. military standards.

“Remember, just because a round of ammunition can fit into a firearm’s chamber, barrel, or action, this does not necessarily mean that it is safe to use that ammunition in that firearm,” it reminds enthusiasts. “Again, always verify that the ammunition to be used matches the markings on the firearm.”

“Generally Accepted Cartridge and Chamber Names,” which lists equivalent/historical names for cartridges that are in common use, is a good resource for both new and experienced enthusiasts. For example, SAAMI’s abbreviation for .380 ACP is .380 AUTO, but at some time in history at least one manufacturer labeled the cartridge as 9 mm Browning Short, 9 mm Browning Court, 9 mm Browning Corto, 9 mm Browning Kurz, 9 mm Corto and 9 mm Kurz.


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