SAAMI Accepts 350 Legend Cartridge

posted on February 4, 2019

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) announced last week it has accepted Winchester’s 350 Legend as a new cartridge and chamber standard. SAAMI, the firearms and ammunition industry’s technical standards-setting organization, was founded in 1926 at the request of the federal government and has coordinated technical data and publishes standards on safety, interchangeability, reliability, performance and quality.

“SAAMI member ammunition and firearm companies are driven by technological innovation,” said Randy Bimson, director of technical affairs and technical advisor of SAAMI. “Winchester’s 350 Legend cartridge brings a fresh look and innovation to a very mature cartridge category opening up new options to both the hunter and recreational shooter.”

The cartridge uses a modified, .223 Rem. shell case with a 1.71-inch length and a bullet diameter of .357 inch. Six loads are already available from Winchester. Most are tailored for hunting, although the 265-grain Open Tip Super Suppressed version—with a velocity of 1,060 fps at the muzzle, where it generates 661 foot-pounds of energy—makes it attractive to a broad range of enthusiasts. At 300 yards it travels at 890 fps and carries 446 foot-pounds of energy. Other versions currently available from Winchester Ammunition include a USA White Box 145-grain FMJ flat nose, Super X (180-grain Power-Point), Deer Season XP (150-grain Extreme Point), Hog Special (180-grain Power-Point) and Power Max Bonded (160-grain Bonded JHP).

“The .350 Legend is a high-performing, straight-walled cartridge that dominates in velocity, energy, recoil and affordability,” said Winchester Ammunition Vice President of Sales and Marketing Matt Campbell. “Winchester is dedicated to innovation and it’s paramount that we continue to deliver meaningful, technology-driven products that have a tremendous impact on the hunting and shooting sports industry.”

The SAAMI cartridge and chamber drawings, as well as velocity and pressure specifications, are already posted on the organization’s website. Winchester introduced an XPR bolt-action rifle chambered for the .350 Legend at the SHOT Show last month, and CMMG introduced an AR-15-based semi-automatic rifle for this new cartridge at the same time.


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