Review: Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Seat Back Organizer

posted on October 7, 2020

Most people are familiar with the concept of a “Go Bag” or “Bug Out Bag.” The general concept is similar — a backpack, duffle bag or other portable container into which a number of essential items are stored in the event of emergency. First aid supplies, emergency shelter, critical tools, extra clothing; all of these are excellent items to include in such a bag.

And, there are different types of kits one can assemble — there’s the “get home” bag such as you might keep in your car: emergency lights, a blanket, fire-starting equipment, a shovel, first aid kit, etc.; a “weekend bag” with all the gear you might need to survive a day or two should circumstances warrant leaving the house; and perhaps a more serious kit if it looks like longer term evacuation is needed.

With the Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Seat Back Organizer, you can keep a surprising amount of gear safely stowed, organized and secure right in your vehicle. The RMP system — Rigid MOLLE Panel — allows a near-infinite number of different pieces of gear to be attached. Want a First Aid Kit? No problem. Bag with long-term emergency rations? No worries. Fire extinguisher? Shovel? Tactical pillow? You are limited only by your imagination (OK, and budget, and space in your car…)

Should a carbine be part of your plan, Grey Man Tactical offers a Vehicle Rifle Rack, which is basically the same RMP setup with two rubber clamps to accommodate a carbine; one with a narrow opening for the buffer tube; a larger one to go around the handguard. Setup is easy; simply thread the quick-release buckles through the slots in the side and top and then bolt the clamps in whatever position you wish. Muzzle up or down, mounted vertically or horizontally, it all depends on how much room you have and what works best for you. For those with larger vehicles, there’s a neat pair of D-rings that go through the headrest supports that work with the quick-release buckles; for those with low seats there’s a strap. At the bottom of the RMP, there’s an adjustable strap that goes around the seat to secure it.

Adding additional components becomes a matter of figuring out what you need and arranging it on the panel. For the Vehicle Rifle Rack we received, the carbine was placed muzzle up, with two G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion magazine carriers, a Blackhawk Strike Utility pouch, a Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW medical kit and an Ontario Knife Company fixed-blade knife. A cleaning kit, eye- and ear-protection and a multi-tool fit nicely inside the pouch, and the end result is a system with a reliable carbine, ammunition, first-aid kit and other essential tools that can be grabbed in a moment should it be needed.

There are a couple things to note about the RMP system. Because of the platform’s rigid nature, getting some of the straps threaded through and cinched down can be challenging. This is a feature, not a bug; once everything is locked in place it’s super solid, pretty much exactly what you want in a system that’s going to be riding around in your vehicle, especially if you have to traverse difficult terrain. Second, and I’ll readily admit this might just be me, working with the various fasteners and backers requires, well, more patience. It’s all for good, mind you — once everything is together, all pieces are sturdy and do not move in the least.

Grey Man Tactical offers an impressive variety of RMP sizes (and concomitant cost). Basically, you can have as much or as little plate you need, in a number of different geometric configurations to match your vehicle. Grey Man Tactical also has a wide variety of accessories and attachments available, partnered with an impressive variety of companies throughout the self-defense, medical and preparedness industries. Alternately, and in keeping with one of the strengths of the system, standard MOLLE attachment packs and accessories will work just fine, so if you’ve got a number of items already, you might find you only need the RMP itself.

Should you opt for the Vehicle Rifle Rack as a complete defensive package, it’s a solid-yet-minimalist configuration that should fit inside a safe (assuming yours isn’t jammed full like some other people we won’t mention…) or you can keep everything except the carbine ready and it only adds a few seconds — that’s the beauty of the clamp system.

One accessory that should be considered, though, is the RMP cover: elasticized to stretch over your entire RMP system, it adds a little — dare we say it — gray man vibe to your rig. With a dark interior and some tint to the rear windows, it really helps keep prying eyes away from your gear.

MSRP on the RMP system starts as low as $40 for a smaller section up through, well, how much do you want to spend? The Vehicle Rifle Rack sells for $250 and offers the large 15.25 x 25 inch RMP plate, two-clamp system and hardware to attach to your seatback. To see the full line of items or to order, visit


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