CZ Scorpion 3 Plus Micro

Both the pistol itself and CZ’s tweaks demonstrate it’s the little things that matter.

posted on November 6, 2022
CZ Scorpion 3 Plus Micro

CZ’s new Scorpion 3 Plus Micro represents something less dramatic—but also less traumatic—than an all-new design. It’s an established, much-loved platform that has wisely been gently tweaked to make it even better. The large-format Scorpion EVO 3 pistol has been a best-seller for the Czech-based company. The Micro shrinks it down, but also includes all the little niceties customers requested in a well-executed, thoughtfully packaged product.

Riding the crest of the large-format-pistol trend, the 3 Plus Micro is vaguely reminiscent in appearance of the squat, abbreviated machine-pistols so popular in movies of the 1980s and ‘90s. Of course, the CZ is semi-automatic and not NFA-restricted. Also, its lines are more graceful and it looks, well, more purposeful and better thought out. It has a pistol grip, an angled trigger guard, beveled mag well ahead of the trigger guard and a stubby fore-end surrounding a 4.2-inch threaded barrel and muzzle device. Up top, there is a full-length Picatinny rail on which are already installed surprisingly excellent iron sights.

There is a non-reciprocating charging handle along the left side of the pistol. When the bolt is locked back, you can use the ambidextrous bolt-release levers located between the trigger guard and mag well or you can slap the charging handle, HK MP5/SP5-style. Ambidextrous also describes the safety levers (as do “big” and “ergonomic”), which are located above and just forward of the pistol grip, similarly to an AR-platform gun. 

CZ Scorpion features
The charging handle is a bit difficult to retract without having anything to brace the pistol against • With each protected by aluminum “ears,” both the adjustable front and rear sights should prove durable • Ambi-dextrous bolt-release levers bracket the front of the trigger guard, giving you the choice of using them or the far cooler option of slapping the charging handle • Brace-ready, the Scorpion 3 Plus Micro would benefit from the addition • The full-length Picatinny top rail offers a lot of real estate for optics.

One of the 3 Plus Micro’s enhancements is a grip that can be slid forward or back to adjust your finger position on the trigger. Loosen a single Allen-head screw, slide the grip into whatever position gives you best trigger-finger placement, tighten the screw and you’re good to go. More- over, the strategically stippled and grooved grip is more vertical than previous Scorpion grips, with the less-radical angle offering greater shooter comfort.

Narrow but adequate areas of effective stippling are also present on the fore-end, sandwiching M-Lok slots for attaching accessories. There are also slots on the underside of the pistol and CZ has wisely attached a hand stop to the forward one. 

The aluminum “iron” sights are refreshingly fully realized. While some manufacturers affix sights that are little more than placeholders for whatever red-dot the consumer will be subsequently installing, CZ has included useful, fully adjustable units. The rear is a protected ghost-ring incorporating a choice of four aper-  tures. The protected front post is adjustable for elevation. Granted, they are less than optimal in low light, but are all you need on the range. 

The two 20-round magazines included with the 3 Plus Micro will work with earlier generations of Scorpion pistols, though older magazines will unfortunately not work with the new gun. 

Handling the 3 Plus Micro is a mixed bag. It’s quite well-balanced. You can shoot it with one hand on the grip and the other around the fore-end, but you can also place both hands on the grip and shoot it like a conventional pistol with surprising ease. In fact, it’s the former that is most awkward. Without an arm brace or even a single-point sling, you are holding the gun out in space with nothing to pull against (a brace) or push against (sling) and tensioning your arms becomes problematic.

 CZ Scorpion 3 Plus Micro shooting results

The only other problem I had with the CZ was the trigger. There was some take-up before hitting a wall. It then seemed you had to cross the rather wide top of that wall before the trigger broke at more than 8 pounds. 

Accuracy testing from a rest required the removal of the handstop using the included wrench. Muzzle rise was minimal. 

CZ’s Scorpion 3 Plus Micro is a compact, well-considered improvement beyond what was already a solid and justifiably popular gun. It would serve well as a compact personal protection gun for a vehicle, a home defense arm or just a fun gun for the range, though a stabilizing arm brace would obviously enhance its shootability in any of those roles.

CZ Scorpion 3 Plus Micro

CZ Scorpion 3 Plus Micro specs


shooter at range with instructor
shooter at range with instructor

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