Remington Reintroduces the R51

posted on August 16, 2016
Remington recently announced the return of the R51 to the market. The new, enhanced Model R51 is a based on the Pedersen design, heritage and memorable features of the original Remington Model 51.

Remington claims the new R51 is re-engineered from the ground up and has undergone extensive testing to assuage reliability concerns. The company claims the revised R51 features dramatically reduced felt-recoil and muzzle flip.

The R51 subcompact pistol features a lightweight aluminum frame with rounded edges for comfortable conceal carry, grip safety, low bore axis for reduced recoil/muzzle flip, concealed carry trigger (light/crisp/single action), light slide racking-force for ease of manipulation, ambidextrous magazine release, locking drift adjustable sights and optimized grip angle.

New enhancements on the Model R51 include superior slide performance with updated internals, precision-engineered extractor, locking snag-free sights, finely-tuned recoil spring, hard chromed barrel bushing, top-end single action trigger and two semi-flush 7 + 1 round magazine.

The Remington Model R51 is available chambered in 9 mm +P with an MSRP of $448.00. In addition, the Model R51CT features a Crimson Trace laser sight with an MSRP of $648.00.

Order Number: 96430 / 96432
Description: R51 / R51CT
Caliber: 9mm +P 
Barrel Length: 3.4 inches
Twist Rate: 1:16 
Overall Length: 6.68 inches
Barrel Material: Stainless 
Finish: Melonite 
Frame Material: Aluminum 
Trigger Pull Weight: 5.5-7 pounds
Magazine Capacity: 7+1
Weight: 22.6 / 23.1 ounces
MSRP: $448 / $648

Shooting Illustrated will be testing and evaluating the re-released model R51 to see if Remington's claims with regard to reliability hold up. We will be receiving a production pistol and performing extensive testing following our internal protocols and will publish the results in a future article.


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