ProMag Industries Remington 870 Collapsible Six-Position Stock

posted on March 16, 2011

While some simply refer to it as pride of ownership, more times than not I find myself swapping parts on new acquisitions—not just for the sake of tinkering, but for some degree of ergonomic- or function-based enhancement.

For years, the brunt of customization included virtually all types of firearms—except pump shotguns. It's not that I have anything against them. My reason stems from having reduced coordination and range of motion resulting from cerebral palsy. Translated into everyday firearmese, the length of pull is so excessive on virtually all pump shotguns that is prohibits me from reaching the pump while keeping the gun shouldered. Thankfully, ProMag Industries offers a solution in the form of its Collapsible Shotgun Stock with Pistol Grip and Fore End Kit—guaranteed to quell the accessoritis-related temptations of AR addicts and the needs of gimpy gunscribes alike. However, this stock offers something for everyone.

Designed to bridge the gap between pump shotguns and AR-platform rifles, its six-position telescoping stock, made from injection-molded black polymer, eliminates my problems concerning length of pull, while the Picatinny-railed pump and included vertical foregrip enables me to successfully work the action. Additional rails at the 3- and 9-o'clock positions are perfect for mounting offset lights or laser-aiming devices for support-hand activation. Similarly, for those shooters desiring options without the clutter, the 6-o'clock rail alone is adequate for installing the included vertical foregrip, or a dedicated weaponlights of the same style, like the SureFire M900V, or Crimson Trace's grip, laser and light combo, the MVF-515.

More than just a fanciful feature, the kit's pistol-grip buttstock offers an ergonomic advantage when used either in a self-defense or hunting capacity. Its straighter contour is much more comfortable to grip than a standard shotgun stock—especially from a low-ready position during extended periods of time. By the same token, the grip's shape enables the shooter to lock their wrist, which enhances the shotgun's controllability during recoil. What's more, I find the pistol grip even helps during reloading, because it enables me to balance the gun steadier with one hand while recharging the magazine with the other. As such, the presence of the kit's dual, three-round side-saddle ammo carriers is a definite no-brainer. Those, along with an addition receiver-mounted unit, buttcuff and/or bandolier/sling combo would put a sizeable ammo cache at your fingertips.

Adjusting the stock is easy, thanks to a standard, squeeze-activated M4-style lever located on the buttstock. More important, a rock-solid lock-up is apparent throughout each of the six positions—a must for withstanding 12-gauge recoil. The kit's rubber, slip-on recoil pad also adds comfort in that regard.

While the stock's telescoping ability lends itself great tactical applications—due to easy maneuverability within CQB or home-defense scenarios—that same adjustability is beneficial for storage and transportation purposes. Since most of us don't have career requirements that require shooting while clad in body armor (which is why this type of stock was originally developed), hunters will appreciate the freedom of being able to change their shotgun's length of pull in order successfully cycle the action while wearing multiple layers of clothing.

Whether you're looking for a means to pump up your pump gun's intimidation factor through a tactical-style makeover, or enhance its modularity for field- or home-defense use, ProMag Industries' Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun Stock adds even more versatility to America's favorite scattergun.


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