Pro Shop: Snubby Accessories

When the chips are down, these items can give your CCW revolver an advantage.

posted on April 17, 2023
Snubby Accessories

A. Made from a flexible urethane material, Bianchi Leather Speed Strips are a compact loading device for a revolver that securely hold up to six rounds of ammo and conveniently allow users to top off wheelguns two rounds at a time. Speed Strips fit most single-magazine/knife pouches and barely print in a trouser or shirt pocket. They are offered for .38 Spl./.357 Mag. and .44- and .45-caliber rounds. Two strips come in each package. MSRP: $12.95 (pair);

B. Designed to enhance your snubby for concealed carry with drop-in use, Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Spring Kit for J-Frame Revolvers requires no fitting or modification. Just remove the factory parts and install the new ones to reduce the pull weight from the factory’s awkward 12 pounds to a more manageable 9-pound pull. MSRP: $30;

C. Altamont Super Walnut Grips for S&W J-frame maximize your revolver’s concealability thanks to their low-profile, boot-style panels. Two finger grooves provide welcome purchase and enhanced recoil control. They are also available in a variety of woods and texturing options. MSRP: $54;

D. Designed with adaptability in mind, the DeSantis Flex-Tuk Holster features a tuckable IWB design that is compatible with 2-inch Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers. In addition to its leather construction, the holster features a single, locking clip that allows the Flex-Tuk to be worn comfortably in a variety of positions such as appendix carry and crossdraw. The J-clip and a hex key are included, and left- and right-handed models are available. Choose from black or tan. MSRP: $74.99;

E. Providing a quick and easy way to touch-up chipped, dull or scratched-up sights, Birchwood Casey Super Bright Pens contain a fast-drying, lead-free paint that provides enhanced adhesion and durability. Use on front- and/or rear-sight assemblies for greater visibility. Apply two layers of a white undercoat, then add neon green or red to make your sight even brighter, and thereby much quicker to acquire when seconds count. The pens feature a chisel-point, felt tip that allows for easy application. Each three-pack includes neon green, fluorescent red and flat white. MSRP: $21.99;


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