Pistol Mounted Red Dot Round-Up

posted on February 10, 2020

As more and more shooters are discovering, red-dot sights are a great way to get the most accuracy out of a handgun platform. Not only does a red dot allow for both-eyes-open shooting, it improves overall accuracy and inspires greater confidence in competitive and defensive shooters alike. Manufacturers have responded with more offerings that feature pre-cut slides for a wide array of optics, eliminating the need for aftermarket slide milling, which is more convenient and cost effective for shooters. 

Fortunately, there’s a number of quality red-dot sights on the market that feature slim profiles and lightweight construction and are perfect for carry or competition. Prices vary depending on build quality and battery life, which means there’s an optic for every budget and purpose. Here’s a look at seven of the best red dots for handguns on the market today. 

Aimpoint Acro P-1

At just 2.1 ounces, Aimpoint’s Acro P-1 is designed for use with pistols and features what the company says is the smallest enclosed red-dot system on the market today. The fully enclosed housing features a 3.5-MOA dot powered by a CR1225 battery with roughly 15,000 hours of usage. Conveniently, the battery can be changed while the sight is affixed to the handgun. The Acro P-1 has 10 different brightness settings: four for night vision and six for daylight. Made from high-strength aluminum, the Acro P-1 features 1x magnification and can be mounted on either a Picatinny rail or adapter plate for an optic-ready handgun. MSRP: $599 

Burris FastFire 4

New for 2020, Burris’ FastFire 4 allows shooters to toggle between four different reticles and provides a larger sight window for greater field-of-view than previous iterations. The FastFire 4 also comes with a newly designed housing and weather shield for days when the rain is pouring. The impact-resistant housing stands up to recoil and abuse in the field, while brighter aiming points and longer battery life round out this ultra-compact handgun sight. Reticles include 3-MOA dot, 11-MOA, 11-MOA dot and circle and 3 MOA and circle. The FastFire 4 weighs a nimble 1.6 ounces and can be mounted to handgun optic-system plates or Picatinny rails. MSRP: $455

Holosun HS407K

Another new addition for 2020, Holosun’s HS407K is an open reflex sight designed especially for concealed-carry handgun applications. The Super LED performance ensures up to 50,000 hours of batter life, while a 2-MOA dot and Shake Awake technology mean your light is on as soon as you draw your firearm from the holster. The HS407K features 12 brightness settings for day and night use, as well as a parallax-free design and Super Green LED. Extremely compact and lightweight, Holosun’s new sight pairs well with concealed-carry guns and optic systems. MSRP: $258 

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro FDE

Already a staple among serious handgun enthusiasts, the DeltaPoint Pro is now available in Flat Dark Earth and features an extremely wide field-of-view and clear glass for an impeccable sight picture and eyes-wide-open shooting. Trusted among competitive shooters, law enforcement and military, the DeltaPoint Pro is the reflex sight of choice for the U.S. Marshal Service and is one of the most ruggedly constructed sights on the market. The sight features a 2.5-MOA red dot, waterproof/fogproof construction, is made in Beaverton, OR, and is backed by Leupold’s lifetime warranty. MSRP: $519 

SIG Sauer Romeo1

When SIG Sauer first got into the Electro-Optics business, there was a great deal of curiosity about what kind of quality the company would produce. The answer, thanks to products like the Romeo1 open reflex sight, was top-shelf quality at an amazing price point. The Romeo1 utilizes a 3-MOA red dot and weighs just .80 ounces, making it one of the lightest available. It features 10 daylight brightness settings with up to 5,000 hours of run time and 100 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment. Thanks to a MegaView optical design, the Romeo1 provides expansive field-of-view for faster target acquisition and enhanced awareness of objects in the shooter’s periphery vision. MSRP: $389 

Trijicon RMR 2

Trijicon’s RMR was a phenomenal reflex sight for the handgun or AR platform, but it unfortunately had issues turning off when under the pressure of severe recoil, particularly with semi-automatic handgun applications. The RMR 2 solves that problem completely. It features 8 LED adjustable brightness settings, two of which are made for night vision, while buttons on the side allow you to toggle between manual and automatic modes or power down. The RMR 2 is available with 1, 3.25 or 6.5 MOA dots, as well as a number of color schemes. The RMR 2 features auto and manual modes, as well as extended battery life and military-grade construction. MSRP: $699

Vortex Venom 

Available with either a 3- or 6-MOA red dot, Vortex’s Venom sight is a low-profile, lightweight and rugged optic with a large viewing window ideal for handgun shooters of all stripes. Weighing an incredible 1.1 ounces and offering up to 130 MOA of adjustment, the Venom is ideal for optics mounting systems or riding a Picatinny rail. The Venom utilizes a CR1632 battery, 1x magnification and parallax-free design. The battery life is rated for 150 hours on the brightest setting or up to 30,000 hours on the lower settings. Well made, highly reliable and cost-effective, the Venom is a favorite among handgun shooters. MSRP: $349


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