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posted on May 6, 2014
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Wanted to run an idea for an article by the Internets (meaning you folks). I've heard a lot of discussion about which type of electro-optical sight is ideal, with particular emphasis on the holographic sight versus red-dot sight decision. I've used both extensively, and quite frankly, I have no real preference. I'm also friends with people at Aimpoint and EOTech, and can say without question both companies manufacture excellent products and stand behind them. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult for me to come down on one side or the other.

Aimpoint,CompM4,M68,red-dot sight,tactical opticsWhat I'd like to do is present the plusses and minuses of each type of sight and maybe gather shooters of varying levels of expertise for a test using both options. Two things worry me, however. The first is simply the number of people who seem convinced one is better than the other. This is not a huge concern, but I know probably half of our readers will be upset with any conclusion we reach. If those conclusions are backed up in testing, I'm okay with that, but I also know we will never be able to assemble a statistically relevant sample size, so the reality is even our testing will be somewhat suspect.

Of greater concern is the desire among some readers, particularly on the web, for us to reach a definitive conclusion. As I said, I've used both holographic and red-dot sights in intense training classes and to me, both are excellent options. Yes, they are very different and each has strengths and weaknesses, but the reality (for me, at least) is either type works quite well.

EOTech,XPS2,holographic sights,holographic weapon sights,tactical opticsAssuming our testing results in a similar "tie," I can already hear the howls and catcalls about how we won't pick sides or say anything bad about manufacturers (even when we list shortcomings).

Ultimately, my question is: Do you want to see an article that might not come to a definitive "this is better than that" conclusion, provided said article provides useful information to help you make a decision? Let me know.


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