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posted on October 16, 2015

The November issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, reveals the much-anticipated MPX from SIG Sauer. Originally designed as a submachine gun for law enforcement and military use, the MPX was then adapted to semi-automatic operation and built as a pistol (with carbine to follow) for the civilian market. Familiar in the hand thanks to its AR-like controls, the MPX is easily customized to suit any shooter. 

Should you prefer a carbine over a pistol for your defensive needs, the LWRCI M6IC is worth investigation. This piston-driven AR-15-style carbine offers spot-on reliable operation, easy configuration for suppressed use and ambidextrous controls. Add to that a continuous top rail for accessories and a fluted barrel that stands out, and this rifle truly puts the “individual” in the “Individual Carbine.” 

The M6IC is touted as a “one rifle” answer to the firearm part of the defensive equation, but what about optics? Leupold’s innovative D-EVO scope allows a fixed 6X scope to be mounted in-line with a red-dot optic, using a combination of prisms and (we assume) witchcraft to present both images with only 6 degrees of eye movement needed. This ground-breaking optic opens the door for a wide variety of sighting options. 

The M6IC or D-EVO might be a little too much to ask to find under your Christmas tree, so we’ve prepared a list of items that might fit better in Santa’s sleigh. Our Holiday Gift Guide offers suggestions on practical, tactical and useful items you might want wrapped up in a bow. From concealed-carry gear to a tactical coffee mug, we provide ideas for everyone on your holiday list. 

Speaking of lists, if you’ve got a bucket list, a weekend at Aegis Academy’s Heliborne Assault has to be near the top. Shooting on the move is one thing; shooting from a helicopter takes it to a completely new and literally higher level. Aegis puts you through a rigorous training regimen, assesses skill level and provides an experience unlikely to be rivaled in the training world. It’s a pricey option, but one few others can match in sheer “wow” factor. 

Look for these articles and much more in the November issue of Shooting Illustrated, The Definitive Source for the Modern Shooter, at a newsstand near you. You can also subscribe by calling (877) 223-3840.


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