Top 5 Shooting Illustrated Gun Reviews of 2018

posted on December 29, 2018
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Over the past year, Shooting Illustrated's staff has gotten its hands on pretty much every new gun the industry has to offer, and we've worked diligently to share the details of these new releases with you, our readers. Of course, some guns are more-popular than others, so we've taken a look back over the year behind us to see which guns have struck a chord with the shooting public. Here are our five most-popular gun reviews of 2018:

5. Review: Ruger PC Carbine

The pistol-caliber carbine market heated up in 2018, with many competition shooters going to a more-affordable and controllable platform for competition use. This interest spilled over to the general market, as consumers found many benefits in the concept of a PCC. Ruger led the way in 2018 with the launch of its PC Carbine, and consumers fell in love with the flexibility of this platform.

4. Review: Smith & Wesson Model 360 .357 Mag. Revolver

Though certainly a tried-and-true area of the market for Smith & Wesson, the desire for lightweight concealed-carry revolvers remained strong in 2018. When S&W launched its new Model 360, consumers took note of the gun's scandium-alloy frame, powerful chambering, comfortable grip and more. Take a look at other features of this purpose-built personal-defense gun in our review above.

3. Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro Compact

Possibly one of the most talked-about launches of 2018 was the innovative SIG Sauer P365, which incorporated an all-new magazine design to pack a larger number of rounds into a frame comparable in size to many of today's popular single-stack, sub-compact 9 mm handguns. Our Handguns editor got her hands on the new "Micro Compact" and discussed many of the features that had people talking all through the year.

2. Review: Wilson Combat Glock G19

Long-known for its line of custom 1911s, AR-15s and shotguns, Wilson Combat announced late in 2017 that it would enter into a new area of the market: customizing Glock handguns. Unlike other custom makers on the market, though, Wilson Combat wouldn't be selling ready-made, custom Glock pistols. Instead, consumers were offered a list of customization options, allowing them to choose select customization options for their already-owned Glock. We sent one in to see what the company could do.

1. Review: Ruger Security-9

Budget handguns have been and will continue to be popular, and one of Ruger's launches in 2018 focused on the budget handgun market: the Security-9. Despite the gun's simple, affordable construction, there are many features to like about this new handgun. See what consumers loved most about our most-popular review gun of 2018.


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