New for 2021: Kimber Micro 9 Two Tone LG Pistol

posted on January 22, 2021

Next up in our series of new-for-2021 firearms is the Kimber Micro 9 Two Tone LG. The "Micro 9" part of the name means that this pistol is part of Kimber’s smaller, concealed-carry-friendly Micro series of pistols, first launched in 2014 with the Micro line in .380 ACP. Two years later a more powerful 9 mm version joined the Micro family, and differentiated from the .380 ACP variant with the “9”—pretty clever, eh?

The two-tone part of the Kimber Micro 9 Two Tone LG name is rather obvious, as the slide is steel with a matte-black finish, while the frame is polished aluminum. It’s an aesthetic contrast with a purpose—the grip is more resistant to wear and tear. And, lastly, the LG part of the name means it has Crimson Trace’s excellent Lasergrips included, giving intuitive laser aiming capabilities to this diminutive pistol.

While the Kimber Micro 9 Two Tone LG is styled after the 1911, it’s really closer to the Colt 380 Government or Mustang, in that there’s a thumb safety but no grip safety. It’s still close enough in feel and use to serve as a backup or warm-weather stand-in for a full-size 1911, though. The 7-pound trigger pull is slightly heavy for a 1911-style pistol, but considering that this something that potentially might be carried in a pocket, not unwelcome.

Seven-round capacity in a slightly extended magazine is comparable to similarly sized single-stack subcompact 9 mm pistols, and the size (overall length is 6.1 inches) and weight (15.6 ounces) are also in the same ballpark. MSRP is $822, which considering it includes the Crimson Trace grips is quite reasonable. Check out our “I Carry” episode with the Kimber Micro 9 Two Tone LG for more information.

Stay tuned to for more new-for-2021 offerings for firearms, optics and other related gear.


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