New for 2020: Streamlight TLR-8 A Flex and TLR-8 A G Flex

posted on January 23, 2020

A pair of new weaponlights—with two rear switch position options and colored aiming lasers—headline Streamlight’s new products at the SHOT Show. The TLR-8 A Flex and TLR-8 A G Flex feature red or green lasers, respectively, and offer ergonomic activation with either low or high positions to match users’ shooting style. Both lights deliver 500 lumens of white light and feature a rail clamp that attaches and detaches easily from the side of a broad array of compact and full-frame firearms.

“These compact, lightweight weaponlights are designed to maximize visibility and targeting capability in a variety of law enforcement, concealed-carry and home-defense applications,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “They each feature ambidextrous on/off rear switches with low and high positions to suit user preference. And each comes equipped with an integrated color aiming laser….”

The TLR-8 A Flex and TLR-8 A G Flex feature a powerful LED that produces 5,000 candela and 500 lumens over a beam distance of 140 meters. The TLR-8 A offers a 640 to 660 nanometer (nm) red laser to maximize visibility and long-range targeting capability, while the TLR-8 A G features a 510 to 520 nm green laser to improve focus on targets during daylight hours. Both weaponlights can be used in laser-only or light-only modes as well as dual mode.

Run time for both units is 1.5 hours, whether the LED is on continuously or set in strobe mode, with or without the laser running. When running the laser exclusively the red version will remain activated for 60 hours and the green 11. Each light is powered by a single 3-volt, CR2 lithium battery.

Securely fitting to a broad range of firearms, the new TLR lights feature a one-handed snap on and tighten interface that keeps hands away from muzzles during installation or removal. The lights also include a Safe Off feature, locking them to prevent inadvertent activation and unexpected dead batteries. MSRP for the red-lasered version is $367.50 and the green comes in at $450. Both are covered by Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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