New for 2020: Federal Force X2

posted on January 25, 2020

We saved what might be the best new self-defense ammunition introduction for 2020 for the last day of SHOT Show. With those who like shotguns for self-defense, a long running debate has been which load is best, bird shot, double-ought or #4 buck? Common double-ought buck shotshells generally contain nine pellets while most #4 buck loads can have as many as 24 pellets. Double-ought buck tends to penetrate deeper, but makes fewer holes than #4 buck. Federal has found a unique alternative to this argument and it is likely the most innovative ammunition offering for the new year. It’s called Force X2.

The new Force X2 shotshells from Federal might turn your shotgun into the ultimate defensive platform. Its nine copper-plated 00 FX2 buckshot pellets are specially engineered to split into two equal pieces on impact. This doubles the number of wound channels from nine to 18. This means it delivers bigger holes going in, and more holes inside, with a substantial reduction in the threat of over penetration because the 00-buck pellets that split into two now weigh half as much. As you might suspect, this significantly reduces the potential for injury to bystanders.

Force X2 is offered in a 2¾-inch loading and has been engineered to deliver more manageable recoil. Expected muzzle velocity of the nine 00-buck pellets is rated at 1,145 fps and the ammunition will be sold in 10-count boxes at a suggested retail price of $22.95. For anyone who likes the idea of a shotgun for home defense, Force X2 might be the best option out there because it delivers the pattern and power of buckshot, but with double the wound channels. It’s about time we saw some innovative defensive loads for the shotgun! For more information visit


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