New for 2019: Taurus 856 Revolver With Viridian Laser

posted on June 4, 2019

Taurus USA has new grip options for its Taurus 856 and 856 Ultra-Lite revolvers, adding a Viridian Grip Laser that produces a bright, visible aiming dot aligned with the sights on the gun. The 856 and 856UL pistols are already excellent choices in a small, concealable pistol and now, with the addition of an option for Viridian Laser Grips, they allow for fast target acquisition on the range or in a defensive condition, with optimal on-target performance in any situation.

The new red laser sight modules are built into the right side of the grip for clear illumination on the target. Integrated into the ergonomic grip is an intuitive switch that automatically activates the laser once the shooter achieves a shooting grip. The laser range is effective up to 25 yards in daylight and and much longer distances at night. Adjustable for both windage and elevation, the laser has a battery life of up to four hours.

Designed for everyday concealed carry in a robust .38 Special +P platform, the 856 and 856UL series pistols provide six-shot capacity with spurred hammer, DA/SA performance. The new Viridian Grip Laser models now deliver a dual sighting system as a backup for the included iron sights or as a primary sight for both day and nighttime use.

Taurus 856 & 856UL w/Viridian Laser Grips Specifications

Caliber: .38 Special +P
Capacity: 6 rounds
Finish: matte black/matte stainless
Grip: Viridian Red Laser Grip
Frame Material: aluminum/carbon steel/stainless
Cylinder Material: carbon steel/stainless steel
Cylinder Finish: matte black/matte stainless
Firing System: spurred hammer
Action Type: DA/SA
Safety: transfer bar
Sights (front): serrated ramp
Sights (rear): fixed
Overall Length: 6.55 inches
Overall Width: 1.41 inches
Overall Height: 4.8 inches
Barrel Length: 2 inches
Weight: 22.6 ounces (856); 16.3 ounces (856UL)
MSRP: $469 (856 & 856UL w/black frame & cylinder); $489 (856 & 856UL w/stainless steel frame & cylinder)

More information is available at


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