New for 2019: Savage Arms A22 Suppressor-Ready

posted on September 15, 2019

The Savage Arms A22 is renowned for its ease of use and accuracy. From plinking cans to removing varmints to just providing a fun day at the range, the A22 does it all, and now Savage is offering a new configuration of this semi- automatic .22 LR rifle, upgrading its original A22 platform by adding a button-rifled, medium-contour barrel and threaded muzzle.

The threaded barrel allows for the easy attachment of the muzzle device of your choice or one of the many different varieties of rimfire suppressors available on the market right now. The rifle is topped with a short length of Picatinny rail, allowing to quickly attach the optic of your choice to the rifle.

Accuracy, reliability and durability all come together in the A22 FV-SR from Savage. The new rimfire rifle features a black synthetic stock, user-adjustable AccuTrigger. The is the first-of-its-kind trigger system that is easily adjustable by the shooter. The trigger offers the shooter a light, clean pull with no creep and also prevents the firearm from discharging if jarred or dropped. The semi-automatic rifle is built on a carbon-steel receiver, and the button-rifled barrel is also made from carbon steel. The stock, receiver and barrel are all finished in an attractive, durable, matte-black finish.

The suppressor-ready Savage Arms A22 feeds from a 10-round rotary magazine that sits flush inside of the gun. The barrel features a 1:16-inch twist rate designed to stabilize most of today's popular .22 LR rounds. The threaded barrel measures 16.5 inches long, and the overall length of the rifle weighs in at 5.26 pounds. 

The suggested MSRP on the Savage A22 FV-SR is $349, and more information is available at


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