New for 2019: Big Horn Armory Scout

posted on December 19, 2018
Though most associate Col. Jeff Cooper's scout-rifle concept with a bolt-action design, the engineers at Big Horn Armory decided to take this general-purpose rifle design a different direction. Their work led to the development of the company's all-new Big Horn Armory Scout, a lever-action rifle chambered in the powerful .500 S&W.

“Big Horn Armory’s success is a combination of combining legendary firearms platforms, such as the lever-action (and recently the AR) and big-game calibers,” said Greg Buchel, president of Big Horn Armory. “With the Scout rifle, we are incorporating all the features in a great, multi-purpose work-horse of a rifle. Our Scout is short, easy to shoot and utilizes the .500 S&W cartridge.”

To create the Big Horn Armory Scout rifle, the company started with its Model 89 lever-action rifle, complete with an 18-inch barrel machined from 17-4 stainless steel and treated with a nitride finish. The barrel features a 1:24-inch twist rate and is topped with a recessed crown that protects the face of the muzzle from nicks and dings that can adversely impact accuracy.

On the top of the rifle, consumers will find a forward-mounted, scout-style Picatinny rail for attaching an optic, as well as a Skinner aperture rear sight and a white-dot front sight. The stock and fore-end are constructed from durable, black, wood-laminate, and the gun is outfitted with sling-swivel mounts at the front and rear. The butt is topped with a 1-inch recoil pad, cushioning users from the heavy recoil of the .50-caliber cartridge.

With the 18-inch, round barrel equipped, the gun measures 37 inches in overall length, along with a 13 5/8-inch length of pull. The overall weight, unloaded, clocks in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Running under the barrel is the tube magazine, allowing the gun to carry up to 7+1 rounds. Customization options are offered on this platform, enabling buyers to customize barrel length, with 22- and 16-inch lengths also available. The barrel profile can also be changed from round to octagonal. Different scope-mounting and sight options can also be chosen in the customization process.

The base price on the Big Horn Armory Scout rifle is $2,799.


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