New for 2018: Thompson/Center PC Long Range Rifle

posted on May 8, 2018
In conjunction with the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, Thompson/Center Arms launched its Long Range Rifle, an all-new rifle platform purpose-built for use at extreme distances. This new platform offers an affordable and well-built platform to fans of precision-rifle shooting, enabling them to get involved in the growing PRS series.

“With the growing popularity of long range, precision shooting, we wanted to ensure our customers had an option available from the Performance Center," said Tony Miele, general manager of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center. "We’ve teamed up with Thompson/Center to design the new Long Range Rifle, and are excited to combine Thompson/Center’s bolt-action expertise with innovation that has become the hallmark of the Performance Center brand. ”

The rifle's action is set inside a skeletonized stock made from machined aluminum and features full adjustments for comb height and length of pull, thanks to built-in adjustment wheels located in the butt. On the fore-end of the gun, a row of M-Lok accessory-attachment slots allow shooters to mount a range of aftermarket accessories using easily and securely attached Picatinny rail segments. On top of the action, users will find a built-in Picatinny optics rail with 20 MOA of elevation built in, giving shooters an extra boost when dialing their optics in for long shots.

Attached to the action is the company's precision rifle barrel, which is fluted to promote enhanced cooling during long strings of fire as well as reducing some weight off the overall platform. The gun is rifled with specially designed 5R rifling, a new technology that aims to minimize deformation of the bullet as it travels through the bore, leading to a more streamlined, aerodynamic projectile. The angle between the lands and grooves is also less-steep, leading to less accumulation of fouling and enhancing overall accuracy potential. The muzzle is threaded and fitted with a brake to reduce recoil. Thompson/Center guarantees that this rifle will provide at least Minute of Angle accuracy, producing three-shot groups measuring 1 inch at most at 100 yards.

Other features of the Thompson/Center PC Long Range Rifle include a Performance Center trigger that's user-adjustable, having an adjustment range from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. The rifle can be had with either a black or flat dark earth chassis finish and ships with a single 10-round magazine, Caldwell Pic Rail XLA fixed bipod and a soft case. The suggested retail price on the Long Range Rifle is $1,211.


two rifles facing right
two rifles facing right

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