New for 2018: Taurus 1911 Officer in .45 ACP

posted on January 23, 2018
Officer-sized 1911 pistols are prized for their compact dimensions, which make them great everyday-carry guns for personal defense. The new Taurus 1911 Officer offers consumers an affordable option designed for self-defense.

Taurus launched its affordable line of 1911 pistols back in 2005, focusing on the industry-standard, Government-sized models as potential options for range use and home defense. However, these guns can be difficult for individuals to carry consistently for personal defense. The Taurus 1911 Officer opens up a new range of possibilities for fans of the company's 1911 lineup.

Designed with durability in mind, the 1911 Officer is built with a frame, slide and barrel machined from carbon steel and finished in a rugged matte-black finish that provides some protection against the elements, skin oils, moisture and other factors encountered by a daily-use firearm. The gun is also equipped with matte-black grips that incorporate aggressive checkering, allowing users to have a solid hold on the shortened Officer-size frame.

While the gun does feature a shortened grip to aid in concealment and reduce the chance of printing, capacity doesn't suffer much when compared to traditional 1911 pistols with full-size frames. The Taurus 1911 Officer ships with a single six-round magazine, providing users with a maximum total capacity of seven rounds, one less than the Government-model 1911.

Spec-wise, the overall length of the pistol measures 7.2 inches, height comes in at 5.1 inches and the width of the gun with its checkered grip panels is 1.5 inches. Unloaded, the gun weighs in at 35 ounces. Inside the shortened slide, users will find a barrel measuring 3.5 inches long.

The 1911 Officer uses a standard hammer-fired operating system with a strong-side thumb safety like a traditional 1911, and the gun uses slanted rear cocking serrations for enhanced grip during slide manipulation. The slide is also equipped with drift-adjustable Novak iron sights.

The suggested retail price on the Taurus 1911 Officer is $609.


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