I Carry: Taurus 1911 Commander in a Wright Leather Works Holster

posted on November 11, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have the Taurus 1911 Commander in a Wright Leather Works holster paired with the company's magazine carrier, Magpul grip panels and a Rite in the Rain all-weather pocket calendar.

Taurus 1911 Commander ($609)

Early in 2018, Taurus built on its 1911 lineup with a few carry-ready options, providing fans of this classic, single-action pistol with affordable, compact options for personal defense. When it comes to 1911s styled and situated for personal-defense use, oftentimes, you’re looking at at least a four-figure range in terms of cost.

Taurus decided to challenge the concept that concealed-carry 1911s are always expensive. For not much more than your run-of-the-mill Glock, this Taurus 1911 Commander comes equipped with an extended beavertail, skeletonized trigger, checkered front strap and mainspring housing and slide serrations at the front and rear. The sights are even upgraded, from those tiny, mil-spec, A1-style irons to these carry-styled Novak sights that provide an easy aiming option for quick targeting.

Magpul TSP Texture 1911 Grip Panels ($19.95)

Each Taurus 1911 Commander ships with polymer, double-diamond grips that offer solid, stable purchase, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more aggressive? One of the beautiful things about the 1911 is the expansive aftermarket servicing these guns. Since Government- and Commander-size 1911s have the same grip length, you can choose from countless grip options, like these Magpul Grip Panels. Complete with what the company calls “Trapezoidal Surface Projections,” these polymer grip panels anchor the gun in your hand and keep it secured throughout strings of fire.

Wright Leather Works Outsider Paddle Holster ($108)

Now that we’ve gotten our handgun setup, let’s focus on a comfortable carry rig that provides incredible versatility and ease of use: the Wright Leather Works Outsider. Wright paired up with the team at G-Code Holsters, and the two companies created this paddle-style holster that slips easily into the waistband and anchors solidly on the underside of a gun belt, thanks to a built-in shelf located on the paddle attachment.

Two screws secure the paddle to the leather holster, and users can back out the screws to cant the holster 20 degrees in either direction for a forward rake or a crossdraw setup. Users can even raise or lower the holster by about half an inch or so, which is helpful when trying to conceal the bottom of the holster mouth underneath a shorter jacket. The holster itself features Wright’s signature leather craftsmanship, providing a rigid, reinforced mouth complete with a raised sweatguard that protects the gunmetal from corrosion from moisture and prevents a cocked hammer spur from rubbing up against a user’s body and causing irritation.

Wright Leather Works Mag-Clip Holster ($54)

Feeding from an eight-round, single-stack magazine, the 1911 is somewhat limited in terms of capacity, especially when compared to many of today’s double-stack defensive pistols, so having a spare magazine isn’t a bad idea, just in case the worst happens. In fact, carrying a spare magazine for any handgun is a smart idea, since a magazine-related malfunction is one of the most-common issues any handgunner will experience. To carry our spare mag, we’ve tapped Wright Leather Works to provide its Mag-Clip holster, which features a sturdy, metal belt clip that keeps this spare secured to the waistline. A raised guard protects the magazine from the body and provides a more-comfortable experience for all-day, OWB wear.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pocket Calendar ($12.95)

Are you more of a traditional, pen-and-paper kind of person? Does jotting down notes make things stick a bit better in your mind? The All-Weather Pocket Calendar from Rite in the Rain is perfect for your EDC kit then. Made from the company’s specially coated paper products, this calendar can hang tight through 365 days of planning. The company claims this calendar will survive an accidental laundry cycle, though that’s not something you’d want to repeat, even with its hardy construction. That durability, combined with its pocked-sized dimensions, make it ideal for an everyday companion.


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