New for 2018: Smith & Wesson M&P45 M2.0 Compact

posted on September 12, 2018
Fans of the .45 ACP can rejoice at one of Smith & Wesson's latest introductions in the company's ever-expanding M&P pistol lineup. In the latter half of 2018, the company rolled out its M&P45 M2.0 Compact, bringing a carry-sized handgun to consumers who prefer this big-bore cartridge for defensive use.

"The M&P45 pistol has been a popular choice for years with both law-enforcement professionals and civilians looking for a .45 ACP pistol," said Jan Mladek, general manager for Smith & Wesson and M&P brands. "With that in mind, we expanded the next-generation M2.0 platform to now include the M&P45 M2.0 Compact pistol with a shorter, 4-inch barrel and a full-size frame."

The full-size frame used on the M&P45 Compact allows the gun to carry a 10-round magazine, and all the features of the company's M2.0 upgrades are included in the package. Each pistol is equipped with the aggressive texturing that allows shooters to maintain a firm grip, and the guns ship with four interchangeable backstraps that allow consumers to custom-fit the pistol's frame to their unique hand size. Another stand-out element of the M2.0 upgrades is the greatly improved trigger, which offers a light, tacticle feel complete with a clean break and a tactile short-reset point.

Each M&P pistol is equipped with a stainless-steel chassis set into the polymer frame, which mitigates flexing during recoil and strengthens the overall design. The .45-ACP guns are equipped with a barrel twist rate of 1:15-inches, allowing for dependable accuracy across a range of bullet weights. The metal surfaces on the guns are treated with the company's trademarked Armornite finish, ensuring that they're protected against corrosion and wear encountered during daily use.

Other features found on the all-new Smith & Wesson M&P45 Compact include three-dot sights and a frame-mounted Picatinny accessory rail. Each pistol ships with two 10-round magazines, and the suggested retail price starts at $569. Alternate models are also available, one equipped with a frame-mounted manual thumb safety and another with tritium-illuminated night sights.


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