New for 2018: Ruger GP100 Match Champion in 10 mm Auto

posted on May 2, 2018
The 10 mm Auto cartridge has seen a resurgence in recent years, with a number of manufacturers launching new guns for fans of the powerhouse cartridge first developed by Col. Jeff Cooper. One of the latest models rolled out in the increasingly popular chambering is the Ruger GP100 Match Champion, expanding the lineup beyond the gun's initial caliber offering of .357 Mag.

Now, fans of the 10 mm Auto can employ their go-to cartridge in an entirely new platform that's a departure from commonly seen semi-automatic 10 mms on the market, and revolver aficionados can take full advantage of the boom in 10 mm. Each Ruger GP100 Match Champion is built on a stainless-steel frame, which is completed with Hogue hardwood grips. The grips are stippled to provide a rough surface texture that anchors the revolver in the hand. However, should consumers prefer it, the patented frame of the GP100 is compatible with a wide number of aftermarket grips.

The revolver features a triple-locking cylinder that's secured into the frame at the front, rear and bottom, ensuring precision indexing and lock-up. Chamber mouths include a slight chamfer that speeds loading. Since the 10 mm Auto cartridge is a rimless design, moon clips are needed to load the GP100, and three clips ship with each revolver. In addition to securing the cartridges into the cylinder, the clips function effectively as a speedloader, enabling users to quickly fill the six-round cylinder in one rapid motion. Once all rounds are spent, the moon clip also enables all six rounds to eject easily. 

Inside the action, consumers will find the company's patented transfer-bar design, which prevents a hammer from resting on a loaded chamber, greatly eliminating the opportunity for an accidental discharge. All internal components are polished to reduce friction and provide a clean-breaking trigger in both single-action and double-action modes. The enhanced double-action pull is also furthered through the use of a centering boss found on the trigger and centering shims used on the hammer.

Other features of the Ruger GP100 Match Champion in 10 mm Auto include a six-groove barrel measuring 4.2 inches long and featuring a 1:16-inch rate of twist. The gun measures 9.5 inches in overall length and weighs in at 37 ounces, unloaded. The suggested retail price on the revolver is $969.


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