New for 2018: Mossberg 590M Mag-Fed Shotgun

posted on January 22, 2018
Reloading your tactical shotgun has never been easier, thanks to the new Mossberg 590M shotgun, a magazine-fed variant of the company's popular heavy-barrel shotgun used by law enforcement, military and defense-minded civilians alike.

The standout feature of the new Mossberg 590M shotgun is the use of the first-ever double-stack shotgun magazine ever produced on the commercial market. Until now, single-stack magazines dominated the mag-fed shotgun world, and larger-capacity magazines often became unwieldy due to the extra length needed to pack in large 12-gauge shotshells. The double-stack design used on the 590M allows for higher-capacity magazines without added length. The company's first mag-fed shotgun models will ship with 10-round magazines, but Mossberg will also sell 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-round magazines as optional accessories.

Mossberg's patented double-stack magazine design is produced with feed lips made from hardened steel, as well as overmolded steel shell ramps and an anti-tilt follower that promotes consistent, trouble-free feeding. The body of the magazine is made from polymer and features texturing designed to provide consumers with enhanced control over the magazines during loading and unloading. Inside the magazine, an ASTM-A-228 music-wire magazine spring is purpose-built to provide reliable, long-lived service. The floor plate and spring can be removed easily for maintenance, and all steel components are treated with a black-oxide finish to enhance durability. The magazines are compatible with 2.75-inch shotshells only.

An all-steel magazine housing, along with a magazine-release button, are located just forward of the trigger guard on the Mossberg 590M mag-fed shotgun. The housing and button are both heat-treated for added durability, and the placement of the release button makes it easy for use by both left- and right-handed shooters. The magazine features built-in stabilizing ribs that match up to mirrored notches located inside the receiver, providing a solid, secure lockup of the magazine inside the gun.

Two 12-gauge models are kicking off the new 590M lineup, both weighing in at 7.75 pounds and measuring 39.5 inches in overall length. The first is the base model Mossberg 590M, coming equipped with an 18.5-inch cylinder-bore barrel complete with a 2.75-inch chamber and a brass-bead front sight. The company's synthetic furniture and matte-blue finish rounds out the package, and each shotgun ships with one 10-round magazine.

A second option is the Mossberg 590M Tri-Rail Shotgun, enhancing the capabilities of the end user by mounting a number of accessory-attachment points, such as a Tactical Tri-Rail fore-end complete with bottom- and side-mounted Picatinny accessory rails ready for lights and lasers. The gun features an 18.5-inch barrel with a 2.75-inch chamber that's compatible with Accu-Choke choke tubes, ghost-ring sights, black polymer furniture and a heat shield. A cylinder-bore choke is included, as well as a 10-round magazine.

The suggested retail price on the base-model Mossberg 590M mag-fed shotgun is $721, while the Tri-Rail version retails at a suggested price of $801.


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