New for 2018: Eagle Imports Grand Power Stribog SP9A1

posted on January 26, 2018

Eagle Imports, known for its importation of the popular Bersa Thunder .380 ACP pistol from South America, announced it was working with Grand Power to bring the new SP9A1 pistol into the United States for 2018.

Grand Power, a Slovakian firearm manufacturer, developed its initial Stribog design as an option for European military and law-enforcement agencies looking for a compact submachine gun loaded with a number of features that enhance versatility.

The European Stribog design is a blowback-operated pistol chambered in 9 mm that incorporates fully ambidextrous controls, easy stripping and cleaning that requires no tools for takedown and includes modular elements, allowing for end-user customization.

Eagle Imports worked to develop a blended design for U.S. importation, combining elements from the company’s Stribog A1 and A2 designs to bring in the SP9A1 for the U.S. market. The receiver features a continuous Picatinny top rail that allows for added versatility in mounting optics and other accessories. If users choose to forego the addition of optics, the Grand Power SP9A1 comes with built-in iron sights that fold down into the Picatinny rail.

On each side of the short handguard, users will spot in the photo above that the pistol is equipped with KeyMod attachment rails. However, this is a feature that is only seen on the SHOT Show display model. After hearing feedback from consumers, Eagle Imports will bring in pistols equipped with M-Lok attachment slots.

Grand Power SP9A1s will all ship with 20-round magazines, and the company plans to offer 10- and 30-round magazines as well. One issue often seen with unique import firearms is that magazines, if readily available, are often prohibitively expensive. However, Rafael Del Ville, director of sales and marketing for Eagle Imports, said that keeping spare magazines reasonably priced was a priority. The company is aiming to keep additional magazines priced around $20 per mag.

The suggested retail price on the new Eagle Imports Grand Power SP9A1 is $799.


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