New for 2018: Caracal USA VERSUS Competition Rifle

posted on August 30, 2018
With the rise of competitive shooting across the country, manufacturers are building guns designed to allow 3-gunners and other competitive shooters to heighten their range performance with ever-better rifles, handguns and shotguns. One of the latest companies to bring a competition-specific AR-15 to the market is Caracal USA with the launch of its VERSUS Competition Rifle.

To ensure that the VERSUS Competition Rifle had all the features and trimmings that competitors are looking for, the company went to top competition shooters themselves and asked them exactly what they wanted in a tuned competition gun. With this input, Caracal USA built a 3-Gun-ready AR-15 from the ground up, ensuring that users had the best possible platform available to exceed at their next shoot.

At the heart of each Caracal USA VERSUS Competition Rifle is a carbon fiber-wrapped, medium-contour Proof Research barrel with a 1:8-inch twist rate, which reduces the overall weight of the gun and shifts more weight back toward the receiver end of the gun, ensuring that shooters can transition quickly and accurately from target to target without the added mass of a heavy barrel swinging the gun too far for an accurate shot. The carbon-fiber wrapping also provides enhanced heat dissipation, which keeps the gun cool and running right during extended strings of fire. The barrel is topped by a two-port muzzle brake that's self-timing. Surrounding the barrel is the company's own proprietary handguard design, measuring 15 inches long, weighing only 6 ounces and completed with M-Lok attachment points for easy accessory attachment.

Moving back toward the receiver, consumers will find an Odin Works XMR Extended Magazine Release that provides plenty of real estate for quick mag changes on the fly, and each rifle ships with a Lancer Systems L5 American Warfighter Magazine made from a translucent polymer that allows users to know exactly how many rounds they have left with a quick glance. Inside the receiver is a Geissele Super 3-Gun trigger, tuned to help match-goers excel at their next shoot. Continuing to the rear of the gun, AR aficionados will find a lightweight, collapsible Minimalist stock that weighs less than 6 ounces and still provides complete functionality and comfort.

The Caracal USA VERSUS Competition Rifle is chambered in .223 Wylde and features a barrel length of 18 inches. Overall length on the rifle measures between 34.7 inches and 38 inches, depending on stock position, and the overall weight of the gun totals 6.2 pounds without a magazine installed. The suggested retail price on the VERSUS Competition Rifle is $1,799.


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