Laser Training Pistol Roundup

Become a better shooter without sending rounds downrange.

posted on June 7, 2023
Laser Training Pistols

Have you noticed that ammo is expensive? Yeah, we’re all suffering from the same pain of choosing between shelling out the big bucks for ammo we need for range training or finding another training method that will keep our skills sharp, but at a lower cost. Does such a thing exist? Sure, there’s always dry fire, which is great and has its place. But as valuable as that sort of practice is, it has limitations and limited feedback for learning.

Enter laser trainer pistols, stage right. These “guns” are designed to simulate the look, feel, and some functions of their real counterparts but without any live ammo. They can’t shoot anything but a harmless laser—kinda like the bad guys in [editor's note: that movie we can't name without getting sued by The Mouse...], but more accurate. If you don’t want to shell out ammo money or simply want an additional training tool to work with when you can’t get to the range, try one of these laser pistols.


SIRT 110SIRT 110

From the company that started the laser pistol revolution comes the SIRT 110, the latest iteration of the company’s long line of training guns. SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger and is designed to simulate aiming, grip, sight alignment, and trigger press for maximum learning with each session. It even comes with a simulated magazine that drops out the bottom when the magazine release is pressed. Total weight is 2 pounds, about the same as a loaded Glock G17. MSRP is $239 to $439, depending on options.

Laserlyte trainerLaserlyte Trigger Tyme

If you’re looking to save some money on a laser training pistol while still benefiting from the overall idea behind the technology, the Laserlyte Trigger Tyme trainer might be exactly what you’re seeking. The all-blue system mimics the feel of an actual compact handgun, from its weight of just under a pound to the 5.5-pound trigger pull to improve trigger finger strength and overall technique. MSRP is $150.

Laser ShotLaser Shot SIM7 Training Pistol

Designed to look like a very popular polymer handgun, the Laser Shot SIM7 Training Pistol is available with an infrared laser as standard, but visible or both are options. One feature the SIM7 offers that many competitors do not is moveable action, with the slide reciprocating with each trigger pull. This upgrade helps the user work on grip and recoil management without firing a single real shot. MSRP is $495 to $595, depending on the laser configuration chosen.

Laser AmmoLaser Ammo Gen 02 Advanced Training Laser Pistol

The Laser Ammo Gen 2 ATLP comes configured in Smith & Wesson M&P or Glock 17. Both feature the same technology and usability, just shaped like their real-life counterparts. Like other laser pistols, the ATLP has infrared and visible laser options. Need to work on trigger prep and press? How about shooting from reset? The ALTP’s trigger acts like a real trigger for accurate shot simulation. Trainers love the ALTP for one additional feature: The Discharge Zone Sensor Suite, which alerts students if they leave their finger on the trigger after shooting to help with trigger discipline. MSRP is $480.

Blowback laser trainerBlowback Laser Trainer System

As the name implies, the Blowback Laser Training System features a pistol with a reciprocating slide to simulate the action of a real pistol so you can work in recoil management without firing live ammo. The Blowback Laser Training System is built on a full-size frame not designed after any particular gun but looks much like a SIG Sauer P320. Unlike the other laser pistols on the list, the Blowback Laser Training System includes an electronic target that registers hits and gives the shooter instant score feedback. MSRP is $699.95.



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