KelTec Sub2000 Carbine Selected for School Resource Deputies

KelTec's Sub2000 carbine has been selected for school resource deputies in Florida.

posted on August 16, 2022
KelTec Sub2000 carbine facing left

The Brevard County Sheriff’s office in Florida has ordered 42 KelTec SUB2000 rifles as part of its new uniform and level of preparedness for School Resource Deputies. Sheriff Wayne Ivy made the announcement on Aug. 8, 2022, ahead of the upcoming school year. He emphasized the need for this change and how it improves the speed and effectiveness of School Resource Deputies if a threat response is needed.

“We’re honored to be a part of keeping Brevard County students and teachers safe,” said Adrian Kellgren, KelTec director of industrial production. “Our rifles being part of an active common-sense school safety program is something we are excited about.”

Previously, if a long rifle was necessary, responding to an active shooter was a longer process. School Resource Deputies would need to leave the building, retrieve a rifle from their vehicle, and return to the school building to engage the criminal. The updated policy improves overall deterrence and creates a stronger law enforcement presence at Brevard County schools.

“This new style uniform and tactical preparedness gives our team members the advantage and ability to instantly address the threat with the level of force necessary to eliminate the shooter and save the lives of innocent children and teachers,” Sheriff Wayne said.

“We are proud to be part of the goal Sheriff Ivy laid out in his announcement: To avoid ever having to face a threat on school campuses by being better prepared, better armed, and better trained than anyone else,” Kellgren added.

KelTec’s SUB2000 is a pistol-caliber carbine available in 9 mm or .40 S&W chamberings. The rifle folds to only 16 1/4 inches and weighs 4 1/4 pounds, figures that provide compact stowage and comfort, without compromising the tactical practicality needed for Brevard County’s School Resource Deputies.


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