It All Begins With Educating Yourself

When it comes to choosing a defensive pistol, a few moments spent in research can make a world of difference.

posted on September 23, 2022
Sheriff Jim Wilson

I wish I knew who to credit for the saying, “Good defense guns ain’t cheap ... and cheap defense guns ain’t good.” I recently posted this on social media and upset at least one reader because I wouldn’t be as specific as he wanted me to be. So, maybe I should explain.

As firearms enthusiasts, we may own all kinds of firearms and enjoy each one of them, even though some might not be as well made as we would like. And there is nothing wrong with that. We may get years of enjoyment out of one before everything starts to go south on us. That’s just fine and, quite often, we get our money’s worth in enjoyment before the sad day comes. Shooters should just understand that we’re talking about a hobby. Personal defense is a whole ‘nother deal, and it sure shouldn’t be a just a hobby to us.

For something that you might very well bet your life upon, it might be a good idea to purchase the best gun that you can possibly afford. Save up for it if you have to, or swap off some other guns to successfully upgrade. Good defense guns may cost quite a bit, but just about all of them are cheaper than the average funeral.

But, actually, the money is only secondary. What you should be looking for is a gun made from the best materials and then properly assembled and fitted by people who know what they are doing. Those two things, in combination, are important and are the key to really good guns. And, yes, they often cost more than a gun of similar appearance. When I buy a gun that seems suitable for personal defense, my next stop is with a gunsmith who knows defense guns so he can tweak it or point me in a different direction.

When we say that you are responsible for your own defense, we are not just talking about tactics. It also means that you should educate yourself in all aspects of the subject. After all, this is not about some hobby; it is about your own life or those of your loved ones.

So, yes, as firearms enthusiasts, let’s continue to enjoy all sorts of firearms. The simplest little gun may bring years of pleasure and enjoyment. But when it comes to protecting our lives, we shouldn’t be so ready to settle for second best. And, always remember that continued education is a good thing.


shooter at the range
shooter at the range

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