Independence Day: What It Really Means

posted on July 5, 2019
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You’ll notice that I didn’t say, “Happy Fourth of July.” I much prefer Happy Independence Day because it reminds me of what the day really stands for. But it is certainly a day to spend picnicking, barbecuing, attending a rodeo or baseball game, popping fireworks or just spending time with friends and family. I just hope that each of you will take a moment to reflect on the reason for the holiday.

It is a day when I spend time thinking about our Second Amendment and the rights that make us citizens instead of subjects. It’s also a great time to share your Second Amendment thoughts with others. Oh, I don’t suggest that you waste one minute trying to talk to those fools who are dead set to take our right to own firearms away from us. But it sure wouldn’t hurt to spend some time visiting with those people who don’t understand or are confused about the conflicting views. Better still–take some of those folks to the shooting range and let them experience the enjoyment of the shooting sports first-hand. Gather up those kids, too, and let them spend some time learning about gun safety and popping targets with the .22s.

Here at home, we have a very active chapter of The Well Armed Woman, and many of the members had never shot a gun until they joined up. I’ve taught several classes for them and am making a commitment to do more in the future.

We are also fortunate to have an active 4H youth rifle program. It’s a real hoot to see how quickly those kids learn safe gun-handling and marksmanship skills. Every hour that I spend with them makes me feel a lot better about the future of this country. 

Unfortunately, too many of us take our Second Amendment rights for granted. We sometimes forget that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the backbone of what this country stands for. A free people cannot exist without such guarantees and, in my view, the Second Amendment is the most important of all. I sure think it would be a great idea if more of us got vocal.

So I want to wish each of you a Happy Independence Day. After you’ve pigged out on barbecue, and before the fireworks start, please take some time to reflect on how blessed we are to live in this country and enjoy the shooting sports. And let’s also take a moment to reflect on our rights as free people and how we will protect those rights going forward.


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