I Carry: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10 mm Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

Today on I Carry we have the new Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5" OSP 10 mm pistol in a DeSantis holster.

posted on June 24, 2022

Firearm: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm (MSRP: $653)

While normally we deal in 9 mm pistols here on “I Carry,” it’s worth taking a look at more powerful chamberings for specialized circumstances. With Springfield Armory’s new XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm pistol, we have an option available with a bit more power, for those who might face four-legged predators in their travels. With the summer months comes hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits that put us in contact with all kinds of critters, and having a more powerful sidearm gives peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.

Built to the same exact standards of Springfield Armory’s XD-M Elite line, the XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm features the same match-enhanced trigger assembly the company calls META, optics cut, flared magazine well and ambidextrous slide stop found in the Elite series. Capacity is a welcome 17 rounds total, which should be sufficient to deal with anything Mother Nature might throw at you. Well, at least in the four-legged critter variety, that is.

As for size, well, the XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm is slightly larger than a traditional compact handgun. It has, as the name implies, a 4.5-inch barrel, 7.6-inch overall length, 5.75-inch height and 1.2-inch width. Weight is 31 ounces unloaded. Sure, that’s a little bigger than, say, a full-size M&P, but not by much. And, you might note, it’s almost exactly the same size as the M&P in 10 mm – with one more round.

Do you need the extra power of a 10 mm handgun? For many, that boils down to personal preference. Most of us will be absolutely well suited carrying a 9 mm, of course; however, there’s nothing wrong with just a little more power if there’s a chance you might need it. With the capacity of the XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm, though, you’re certainly not losing much ground there. A

Holster: DeSantis Holsters Veiled Partner (MSRP: $62.99)

Since we’ve chosen the Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10 mm as a hedge against critters and other predators one could encounter in an outdoor setting, choosing an outside-the-waistband holster makes sense, too. We’ve used the Veiled Partner by DeSantis Holsters before, and found it to be an excellent choice when rapid acquisition is needed. By design, it’s still pretty concealable, too—the slight curve allows the Veiled partner to stay close to the body.

All-Kydex design and precision molding offer retention, and the Veiled Partner can be used with belts up to 1.75-inches wide. It is adjustable for cant and ride height and comes in right- and left-handed models. Tension is screw-adjustable, and the Veiled Partner is cut for slide-mounted optics. A variety of handgun fits are available.

Optic: Springfield Armory Dragonfly (MSRP: $249)

We’ve featured the smaller Hex optic from Springfield Armory on the micro-9 mm double-stack Hellcat and Hellcat Pro, and now we have a chance to showcase its bigger brother, the Dragonfly. Precision-machined from 6061 T6 hardcoat aluminum and using a glass lens, the Dragonfly offers manual brightness adjustment across 8 levels, 16-hour auto-shutoff to save battery life and is IPX7-rated for water resistance.

The mounting footprint is what Springfield Armory calls “Springfield Standard,” and equates to the Vortex Venom/Burris Fastfire footprint. Three sets of screws are included with the Dragonfly for mounting. Elevation and windage adjustments on the 3.5-MOA red dot are made in 1-MOA increments via slotted-screw dials on the side and top of the unit.


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