I Carry: Nomad9 Serialized Frame with Rival Arms Slide and Trijicon SRO in a JM Custom Kydex Holster

posted on April 24, 2020
Firearm: Nomad9/Rival Arms (MSRP: $200 (frame); $471 (slide))

Glock analogue pistols are popular because they allow shooters to enjoy many of the advantages of the Austrian wonder gun, including its enormous aftermarket for parts and accessories, without being tied to the look and feel of the original. Today’s build pairs a Nomad9 frame with a Rival Arms slide assembly. 

The Nomad9 serialized frame is based on Glock Gen4 internal components, and it succeeds in evolving the ergonomics of the platform by tweaking the grip shape and angle, incorporating effective texturing, and including forward finger ledges to improve grip and control. It is a serialized component, sold through Rainier Arms, and does require transfer through an FFL. The Nomad9 frame is sold as a stripped frame, so it will need a parts kit, trigger and assorted components.

The upper assembly from Rival Arms includes precisely machined components that are functional, and frankly beautiful. The slide itself has a sense of flair with windowed cutouts that show off the bronze-finished barrel, but it also has a lot of utility as it wears effective cocking serrations fore and aft, and comes pre-cut for a Trijicon RMR-pattern optic. As with the Nomad9, the slide comes stripped and requires a finishing kit, barrel and guide rod.

Optic: Trijicon SRO (MSRP: $749)

Most by now are familiar with Trijicon’s RMR miniature reflex optic. It's a low-profile red dot built to Trijicon’s standards for battle-ready durability, and has become one of the most popular optics for use atop handguns. 

In early 2019, Trijicon introduced the Specialized Reflex Optic, SRO, as a complement to the RMR, with some quality of life enhancements. The SRO has a larger window, making it easier to find the dot on the draw and keep it through recoil. 

Important features of the SRO include a top-loading battery (still a CR2032), large control buttons, same footprint and mounting arrangement as RMR and Trijicon’s renowned rugged construction.

Holster: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Wing Claw 2.0 (MSRP: $70)

If you are going to carry in the appendix position, it is important to get a holster that was design specifically for that method of carry. My favorite maker for appendix carry rigs is JM Custom Kydex, Tony and his team over there do a great job and understand the unique challenges of AIWB. Today’s holster is the Wing Claw 2.0  and it highlights some of the features that facilitate successful appendix carry.

With Kydex construction—I don’t have to tell you that its hot and humid in the appendix region, you need a material that can stand up to that—and the Wing Claw, a concealment claw or strut that helps angle the holster along the contour of the body, reducing the exposure of the grip frame, the holster carries well. Other important features are a neoprene angular muzzle pad, which provides a bit of cushion between the body and the kydex, which also ensures the muzzle isn’t pointed at any sensitive areas. I also want to give JM Custom credit for being one of the first holster makers to specifically accommodate the Nomad9 frame.


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