I Carry: FN 509 CC Edge 9 mm Pistol in a Henry Holsters Flint

Today on I Carry we have an FN 509 CC Edge 9 mm pistol with a Holosun red dot in a Henry Holsters Flint holster.

posted on October 21, 2022

Firearm: FN 509 CC Edge (MSRP: $1,569)

FN America released its LS Edge in 2021, clearly aimed at the competitive-shooting market. With a 5-inch barrel, full-size grip and 31-ounce weight, the LS Edge is definitely on the larger side for a carry pistol. The company has now expanded the Edge line with the 509 CC Edge we have for today’s kit, where the “CC” stands for “Compensated Carry,” clearly evident in the ported compensator at the end of the muzzle and abbreviated grip frame.

Featuring a more carry-friendly 7.5-inch overall length, 4.8-inch height and 25.5-ounce weight, the CC Edge is much closer in size to the 509 Compact than the LS Edge, obviously. The compensator adds the extra overall length, bringing the CC Edge to roughly the same size as the full-size 509. Technically, the CC Edge is actually .1-inch longer than the full size 509. This means that holsters for the full-size 509 should work fine for the CC Edge, and that open-muzzle holsters for the 509 Compact and Mid-size will also work.

The 509 CC Edge carries over the flat-face, bladed-safety trigger of the LS Edge, as well as the lightening cuts at the end of the slide. It also keeps FN’s low-profile optics mounting system, which uses a system of plates and inserts to fit a wide variety of popular micro-red-dot optics. It’s one of the more complicated systems, but FN does offer an excellent quick reference guide both with the pistol and on the website that helps select the proper components. FN also includes screws to attach each optic, which is a huge help when selecting a red dot.

Rounding out the features of the 509 CC Edge are three magazines: one 12-round magazine with an extended floorplate to allow a full three-finger grip and two 15-round extended magazines. All magazines feature the same weighted floorplates to ensure each drops free from the pistol when reloading. There’s also two interchangeable backstraps to better fit the CC Edge to the shooter’s hand, as well as an enlarged magazine release also borrowed from the LS Edge. The 509 CC Edge combines the best features of the competition-based LS Edge with the shootability of a compensated handgun, all in a size convenient for everyday carry. There’s an awful lot to like about the FN 509 CC Edge.


Holster: Henry Holsters Flint (MSRP: $85)

As mentioned earlier, because of the compensator on the FN 509 CC Edge, full-size FN 509 holsters offer the best fit for the CC, so we’ve opted for the excellent Flint AIWB/IWB holster from Henry Holsters. With single-sheet kydex construction, pull-the-dot loop straps and a Modwing to pull the holster into the body to maximize concealment, the Flint is simple and tough. In addition to the FN 509, models are available to fit many popular Glock, SIG, Smith & Wesson and CZ pistols.

While the Flint is a fairly minimalist design, there’s plenty of customization possible. In addition to the pull-the-dot loop straps, both Griphook belt clips and DCC Mod4 clips can be added to the Flint to allow the holster to be tuckable. Additionally, the Flint can be ordered with either a full or a partial sweatguard depending on the user’s preference. Right-hand models only, though; sorry southpaws.


Optic: Holosun HE509T-RD (MSRP: $505.87)

To highlight the FN low-profile optics mounting system, we’ve opted for Holosun’s HE509T-RD enclosed-emitter red-dot sight. Using a mounting plate that works with the RMR footprint, the HE509T-RD then clamps to the plate once attached to the slide. It’s more complicated than traditional micro dots, but that’s because the enclosed-emitter frame obviously doesn’t allow for screws to attach directly to the mounting plate.

Packed full of tech, the HE509T-RD offers Holosun’s multi-reticle system, where the user can select a 2-MOA dot, a 32-MOA circle, or the circle/dot combination. There’s also Solar Failsafe, which offers power should the battery die in addition to automatic brightness adjustment in conjunction with the Shake-Awake feature that turns the unit back on at the slightest movement. Twelve brightness settings, including two compatible with night-vision are available when manual brightness adjustment is desired. There’s even a side-mounted battery tray so the unit doesn’t have to be removed from the pistol to change the CR1632 battery.


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