Double Edge: The New FN 509 CC Edge Pistol

Brand-new from FN America is a new “Compensated Carry” addition to the FN 509 lineup.

posted on September 6, 2022
FN509 Cc Edge

When FN America released the 509 LS Edge model, they intimated that the “Edge” designation was a signifier of a whole new series of models in a performance series, akin to Smith & Wesson’s “Performance Center” or the “AMG” division of Mercedes-Benz.

Well, now we have the second model in the Edge family. The first one was the “LS” for “Long Slide,” and now we have the “CC” for “Compensated Carry”.

The new CC Edge has a grip frame and slide that are the height and length of the FN 509 Compact, essentially building off the platform of the 509 Compact Tactical. However, the barrel on the CC is a half inch longer, the extra length allowing for the mounting of a true expansion chamber compensator.

Whereas most aftermarket comps are attached to an extended barrel via being threaded on the end, the one on the CC Edge uses a new (and proprietary) quick-detach mount. This greatly simplifies field-stripping and cleaning as well as removing the worry of properly “clocking” the compensator when reattaching the compensator to the barrel after cleaning. No threads, no shims, just pop it off for cleaning and back on for reassembly.

The comp vents upward via two ports, which nearly eliminates the amount of carbon fouling on compact pistol lights like the Streamlight TLR-7. It also reduces the amount of debris deposited from the comp onto the front sight. This is important because, like the original LS Edge, the CC Edge uses a relatively narrow front sight with a green fiber optic light pipe inserted from the factory. 

Compensator In action

The compensator is quite effective, too. While in-depth testing that could be described as scientific hasn’t been done, the CC shoots about as flat as a full-size 509. It’s relatively easy to keep the dot somewhere in the window under recoil when using an MRDS, which is not guaranteed with a regular Compact MRDS unless the shooter’s grip is absolutely on-point.

The other factor contributing to the controllability of the CC is the now-standard texturing of the Edge series. While the front and back of the grip have the classic pyramidal checkering of the 509 series, the side panels sport the aggressive texturing from the LS Edge, resembling nothing so much as molded-in skateboard tape. You normally have to do aftermarket work to get a polymer frame this grippy.

The slide of the CC has the modular FN red dot adaptor plate system, probably the best factory system allowing multiple MRDS to be fitted. If you want a more rugged mount, you’ll likely need to have a slide direct-milled.

The slide itself sports three slanted “speed hole” cuts on either side, displaying a barrel that comes PVD coated in gold titanium nitride, to let you know this isn’t any ordinary 509 Compact.

Finally, instead of the hinged trigger common to 509 series pistols, the CC Edge has a straight flat-faced trigger with a tabbed drop safety, and the pull on the test copy measured a consistent five pounds on an RCBS trigger scale with a light takeup and a rolling break.

MSRP on the new CC Edge is $1569 with one 12-round and two 15-round magazines. More information on this new pistol and other products from FN America is available at


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