I Carry: FN 545 Pistol in an ANR Design Holster

Today on I Carry we have an FN 545 pistol in an ANR Design holster with a PowerTac flashlight.

posted on June 2, 2023

Firearm: FN 545 Tactical (MSRP: $1,139)

FN America expanded its excellent FN 509 9 mm pistol with larger caliber siblings in the FN 510 10 mm version and the FN 545 in .45 ACP we have in today’s kit. With the popularity of the FN 509, it’s a smart, savvy move on FN’s part to expand the line beyond 9 mm, both to give shooters more options and to showcase the adaptability of the platform itself. While most shooters are fine with the 9 mm, others prefer, as the cliché goes, a caliber starting with “4” – and now they have two options available.

The FN 545 Tactical is a bit on the larger side, with a 4.7-inch barrel, overall length of 8.3 inches, height of 6 inches and 31 ounce weight. With a flush-fit magazine, capacity is 15 rounds; however an extended, 18-round magazine also comes with the FN 545. That’s a hefty payload of .45 ACP, for those who prefer that round for self-defense. It’s longer, taller and heavier than the FN 509 Tactical in the same family, and about the same dimensions as a standard 1911 in everything except width, where it’s wider and weight, where it’s lighter.

The Tactical part of the FN 545 Tactical indicates the pistol has an extended magazine, threaded barrel for a sound suppressor or compensator and suppressor-height sights. The FN 545 also has a significant accessory rail at the end of the dustcover, for weaponlights and/or lasers as desired. One could easily set the FN 545 up for home defense with the extended magazine, mounted light and suppressor, and then carry it with just the standard magazine. That extends the usefulness of the FN 545, as well as making regular practice simpler, as only one pistol need make the trek to the range.

Whether you’re a fan of the .45 ACP, big-bore pistols in general or are just hedging against future ammunition shortages, having a pistol in something other than 9 mm isn’t a bad idea at all. FN’s new FN 545 Tactical is a great choice for anyone looking for a big-bore, striker-fired polymer pistol, and offers great capacity and utility. In any case, it represents another choice for the concealed-carry practitioner as well as a smart move on FN’s part to expand the company’s striker-fired offerings.


Holster: ANR Design Standard Outside Waistband holster (MSRP: $83.99)

Since the FN 545 is a bit on the larger side, we’ve opted for an outside the waistband offering for today’s kit, and the ANR Design Standard Outside Waistband holster is specifically designed for the FN 545. Featuring a molded, sandwich design and sturdy polymer belt loops, the Standard Outside Waistband holster has an open-muzzle design ideal for the threaded barrel and is also set up to accommodate suppressor height sights.

The ANR Design Standard Outside Waistband holster we have in today’s kit is branded for FN America and can be purchased through the FN web store. It’s a great way to be sure you’re getting a holster that will fit your new handgun, and it’s an encouraging trend to see handgun manufacturers working in conjunction with holster makers to have fits available when a new handgun launches.


Accessory: PowerTac M5 G3 flashlight (MSRP: $69.95)

Committing to a handgun of larger proportions means you’re more amenable to full-size gear, and a more sizeable handheld flashlight is a great piece of kit to have with you. We’ve added the PowerTac M5 G3 flashlight to this kit for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the whopping 2,000+ lumens on its highest setting. It’s also impact- and water-resistant, has a lanyard included and a rechargeable battery.

PowerTac’s M5 G3 has two very interesting features. First is how the light recharges. We’ve gotten used to flashlights that recharge via USB cables, but the M5 goes above and beyond—rather than have to find the tiny USB-C or micro-USB port on the light, it’s a magnet. Plug it into any standard USB port, then the magnet attaches to the light to begin charging. Super easy! Second is the power level management. There are two buttons on the M5: there’s a standard tailcap switch that turns the light on and off, and a side-mounted button that cycles through the power settings. Here’s the neat part: if you cycle the light to the medium setting, then turn it off, it stays on the medium setting. Same for low, or high, or strobe. Set the power setting, then the tailcap switch can either turn the light on momentarily or constant.

(Side note, shown here is the PowerTac M5 G2; the G3 has improved charging capabilities, but otherwise the same specs and price)


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