I Carry: Beretta APX Carry in a Beretta OWB Holster

posted on July 26, 2019

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we're using the Beretta APX Carry inside of a matched Beretta holster, a Browning knife, a Crimson Trace flashlight and a Propper polo shirt as an ideal cover garment.

Beretta APX Carry (MSRP: $450)

Released in 2017, the original APX represented Beretta’s first full-size, striker-fired, polymer-frame handgun. Aimed at the law enforcement and military market, but also with concealed carry in mind, the APX was engineered with input from hundreds of potential end users from all walks of the personal protection spectrum. The end result was a pistol that was visually striking, with the love-it-or-hate-it slide serrations most frequently compared to a cheese grater, and it also offered a modular grip and upgraded trigger.

The APX Carry is the next evolution in the APX line. Subcompact and single-stack, the Carry is aimed squarely at concealed carry, with a smaller, slimmer pistol than even the APX Compact we’ve featured previously. While you’d need some impressively large pockets to tuck the Carry away, it works quite well inside the waistband or appendix-style.

Sporting a three-inch barrel, an overall height slightly larger than 4 inches, and at less than an inch wide, concealing the APX Carry should be a simple task. Weight is just shy of 20 ounces unloaded, and capacity is 6+1 rounds with a flush-fit magazine and 8+1 with the extended. While it may be harder to conceal the pistol with the extended magazine, it’s going to be easier to shoot thusly configured, as the extended magazine contains an extension that allows a full, three-finger grip. The size should be familiar, and the operation as well. Here’s another case where if you carry the full-size or Compact APX, but want a smaller pistol for warmer months when concealment is more challenging, you’ll have a smaller version with which you are already familiar.

Beretta OWB Holster (MSRP: $55)

Okay, one of the problems of being an early adopter is sometimes you need to let the market catch up. In the case of a new firearm, sometimes it takes a while for the accessory market to get spooled up to provide gear. In this case, Beretta has done some of the work so there will be options right out of the gate, offering a thermoplastic option for those who need a holster right away. Attaching either with belt loops or a paddle, the APX Carry holster is outside-the waistband only at the moment, but with plenty of inside-the-waistband fits on the horizon.

Browning Black Label Blind Spot (MSRP: $39.99)

When one of our friends at American Hunter told us they had the perfect knife for us from Browning, we were intrigued. Obviously known for hunting-related products, we were a little surprised to see how well the Blind Spot fit the EDC market. With a 3.8-inch, 7Cr steel drop point bade and hemp Micarta stocks, the Blind Spot is one the larger side for an EDC knife but still easily carried. Opening with a thumb stud and held open with a simple liner lock, it deploys and stows easily. Add in a handy pocket clip and an attractive price and there’s a lot to like about this Browning.

Crimson Trace CWL-300 (MSRP: $69.99; currently on sale for $49.99)

When it comes to handheld lights, Crimson Trace is a relative newcomer to the market. The company brought the same, no-nonsense approach of its laser sights, and continued through its weaponlight series, to its new handheld lights. Offering two settings, the CWL-300 can run for 8 hours on low setting, with 50 lumens, or 2 hours on high with 200 lumens. It runs on a single CR123 battery, uses a tailcap switch for activation and comes with a handy pocket clip. All for under fifty bucks, on sale.

Propper Summerweight Polo (MSRP: $39.99)

With the warmer weather, concealing your gear gets, well, more difficult. It looks odd to be out in 90 degree heat wearing a vest or sweatshirt, so more-weather appropriate options should be explored. Propper’s Summerweight Polo is breathable and contains moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat away from your body, keeping you comfortable through the dog days of summer. Snag resistant and infused with anti-odor properties, there’s a sunglasses loop and a pen pocket on the sleeve. Be careful with this, though - putting a black pen through the laundry will lead to very unhappy things…



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