Holiday Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast: 11 Options Over $200

posted on November 17, 2018

Holiday shopping isn't complete until you've found that one, stand-out holiday gift that stands out above the rest. While these 11 gift ideas are a bit more than some other options, rest assured that the gun fan in your life will love to add one of these items to their assortment of firearms and accessories. From AR-15 enhancements to food items, there's something for everyone in our top-dollar gift guide. Check them out here:

1 | Victory Coffees – Leatherneck Dark Roast

Available as a monthly delivery with enough coffee for one cup per day (larger subscriptions are available), this delicious coffee will cost you a buck a day and comes from a veteran-owned and operated company in Colorado. $360 per year;

2 | Arteflame – NRA One Series Grill
The official grill of the NRA combines gorgeous styling with an ideal cooking surface that can double as an elevated fire pit. An NRA-logo grill grate lets you show support for your Second Amendment rights to family and friends. $699;

3 | Leupold – Range GO Bag 2-Gun
Need a case that can carry two rifles and double as a shooting mat? Leupold’s sturdy GO Bag 2-Gun soft case is just the thing. $349.99;

4 | Safariland – Liberator HP
With up to 400 hours of run time on either two AA batteries or one CR123 cell, these electronic earmuffs provide superior hearing protection while allowing you to maintain situational awareness. $299.99;

5 | TNVC – TAPS Pro Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch – Programmable
A complete command system for weapon-mounted electronics, the TAPS provides user-programmable, dual-device control for lights and lasers at a single point, and attaches to any industry-standard rail. $249.00;

6 | LaserMax – CenterFire Light & Laser Sight
With the company’s new GripSense technology, users of this cutting-edge combo won’t have to rely on push-button or lever-actuated switches to bring lights or lasers to bear on a target. $209;

7 | ZRODelta – DLOC-SS Bipod
Offering pan- and cant-capability in a Picatinny-rail-mount bipod, the DLOC-SS Bipod from ZRODelta features Harris-style notched legs with 6- to 9-inch height range and 10 engagement points to ensure proper installment on the rail. $269;

8 | Cordova Coolers – 100 Large Cooler
Made in the USA, the official cooler of the NRA will keep up to 85 cans nice and frosty for days. It includes built-in bottle openers on its anodized-aluminum handles. $329.99;

9 | PepperBall – LifeLite
Appearing no more threatening than an L.E.D. flashlight (which it is), the PepperBall LifeLite is also a potent, less-lethal self-defense tool that launches pepper powder-loaded plastic balls 60 feet at 270 fps. The assailant is disabled by the powder cloud. The launcher is powered by C02 and the unit incorporates a laser-aiming device. $299.99;

10 | Ultradyne – C4 Precision Folding Sights
Built with a unique Dynalign sight-picture design, these C4 sights bring intuitive, precision-targeting techniques used by Olympic shooters to owners of today’s modern-sporting rifles. $283;

11 | Air Armor Tech – Long Gun Case
Designed with the same air-bladder technology used to protect the U.S. Military’s $500,000 pilot helmets, this gun case protects rifles from the bumps and bruises of the field. $549;


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