FMG Celebrating its 700th Anniversary

Yes, you read that correctly. 700 years in the business of making gunpowder.

posted on May 31, 2024
FMG Gunpowder gates

Fábrica de Municiones de Granada (FMG), a gunpowder manufacturer based in Spain, is celebrating its 700th anniversary. The historic firm has continued production while many of its competitors succumbed to seven centuries filled with the challenges of wars, pandemics, stifling monarchies, depressions, advances in technology and other obstacles. FMG thrived throughout and is the only company in the west that has produced one particular product—namely gunpowder—for such a long time.

The firm’s original factory was in the heart of Granada. It was moved just outside of that town to El Fargue in the 16th century, where it is still based. Throughout its history it has been a major employer in the region. The company even established a prestigious school that produced notable chemists, designers and engineers. The key to FMG’s success has been a willingness to adapt and harness the latest breakthroughs, a virtue that continues to shine.

In 2020 GDELS—the European subsidiary of the multinational corporation General Dynamics—sold FMG to MSM Group (part of Czechoslovak Group). Currently FMG is a member of the CSG Defence division, which is comprised of major Czech and Slovak manufacturers of military equipment, defense technologies and large-caliber ammunition.

FMG has improved its production facilities and increased production under the new management. Last year, a second powder-cartridge production facility was launched in Granada, which led to a significant increase in manufacturing capacity. At the same time, roughly 100 new employees were recruited in 2023.

Today FMG’s primary production is western-caliber tank ammunition—mainly 105 mm and 120 mm rounds. The company also manufactures 60-, 81- and 120-mm mortar ammunition and 105-, 106- and 155-mm artillery shells. High-performance single- and two-base propellants and propellant charges, pyrotechnic equipment, TNT, as well as components for the production of Spike anti-tank missiles and Meteor and Mistral missiles also come out of the factory.  

Notable projects include the Spike LR2 advanced missile project for the Spanish army. Last autumn the Spanish Council of Ministers—the main decision-making body of the government—approved continuation of the second phase of the Spike LR2 project. The modernization program aims to acquire up to 1,680 modern Spike LR2 anti-tank missiles and 168 launchers for the nation’s ground forces and marines.


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