Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Selects the Walther PDP

Officers will be able to choose between the compact and full-size PDP models.

posted on July 20, 2023
Walther PDP

Walther Arms, in conjunction Shoot Straight Defense—its law enforcement distributor—announced this week that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has adopted the Walther PDP as its official duty sidearm. The FDACS works to promote Florida agriculture, protect the environment, safeguard consumers and ensure the safety and wholesomeness of food. By choosing a mixture of the compact and full-size PDP models, each of its law enforcement officers has the opportunity to carry the PDP they are most comfortable with and confident in.

“We are thrilled to support and work alongside the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to ensure their agency has the best handgun in their holster while on duty,” said Ron Decker, East Coast law enforcement sales channel manager for Walther Arms. “The PDP series was developed with tactical capabilities at the forefront to provide law enforcement, military and other tactical shooters with the ideal weapon. Providing the FDACS officers with an adjustable, reliable and capable handgun allows their focus to be on precision and technique, rather than the weapon itself. By doing so, it builds the confidence necessary to never second-guess yourself in situations where timing and responsiveness are everything.”

FDACS employs certified law enforcement personnel in two distinct divisions. Its Bureau of Uniform Services is a familiar one to anyone who’s driven into the state. It operates the 23 agricultural interdiction stations on the 19 highways going into and out of Florida. The other, the Bureau of Investigative Services, specializes in regulatory enforcement and criminal investigations related to the state’s $120 billion agricultural industry.  FDACS officers also work alongside federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

The selection by FDACS was a good one, according to Shooting Illustrated’s Daniel T. McElrath in his review of the pistol. He concluded,All told, Walther’s greatest achievement with the PDP may be this: It is (for me) the most complete out-of-the-box, striker-fired pistol available at anywhere near the price.”


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