First Shots: Burris Veracity PH Riflescopes

Have app. Will travel.

posted on February 7, 2024

Burris introduced the technologically advanced Veracity PH riflescope last year, which effectively eliminated the need to calculate bullet-drop compensation for longer-distance shots. The combination of the BurrisConnect app with your ranging information and the innovative PĒK dial-to-distance, click-less digital-elevation turret and integrated heads-up display brought unprecedented levels of ease to both the field and the range. For 2024, Burris grows the Veracity PH lineup with three new models which have a shorter and lighter design, expanded power factor offerings, two new reticle designs and an improved optical system.

Burris engineers upgraded the Veracity PH to reduce weight and size, and the revised 4-20x50mm Veracity PH is now shorter and lighter than the previous model. This design also carries over to the new 3-15x44mm and 2.5-12x42mm Veracity PH models, making them ideal for mountain rifle and carbine platforms, or any rifle where minimizing weight and bulk are important factors.

Also common across the Veracity PH line is an improved extra-low dispersion (ED) glass. The revised ED glass further reduces chromatic aberrations and enhances light transmission for clear and crisp edge-to-edge viewing and improved low-light performance.

Complementing the improved glass are two new reticles designed for the Veracity PH series. First is the optional Rapid Cross MOA, an illuminated crosshair reticle available on the 3-15X and 4-20X riflescopes. This features the same PTC (Progressively Thick Crosshairs) and numbered wind holdoffs as the standard Wind MOA FFP (First-Focal-Plane) reticle but comes with numbered holdovers for manual bullet-drop compensation and an illuminated crosshair. The second is the 3PW Wind MOA, which is exclusive to the 2.5-12X model. This reticle replaces the bullet-drop compensation denotations for an extended PTC bottom crosshair to promote faster sight alignment at close, low-power distances. It also includes illumination along the center of the horizontal crosshair, offering a precise aiming point from 2.5 to 12 magnification levels.

The innovative PĒK system of the Veracity PH riflescope line incorporates a detailed heads-up display and click-less digital elevation turret. The shooter need only range the distance to the target and rotate the elevation turret until the distance presented in the HUD matches the range distance. The internal ballistics data, obtained from the BurrisConnect App, is sent via Bluetooth to the riflescope to guarantee precise aiming. After configuration, the app isn't required, enabling the scope to operate without power. This reliability is particularly reassuring during lengthy hunting excursions and prolonged range sessions.

To learn more about the Veracity PH riflescope line, or more information on Burris optical and thermal products, please visit


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