First Look: ZeroTech Optics Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO

A low power variable optic with features suitable for close and medium range engagements.

posted on July 7, 2022
ZeroTech LPVO

ZeroTech Optics is adding a 1-6x24mm Second Focal {lane (SFP) Low Power Variable Optic, or LPVO, to their Vengeance line of riflescopes. The Vengeance LPVO has ZeroTech’s RAR illuminated reticle system allows for rapid target acquisition and speed shooting but also enables precision shots when needed. The reticle has heavy outer bars that taper inward toward the center in order to draw the eye to the primary aiming point. The segmented ¾ shooting circle that encapsulates the primary aiming point also helps with rapid target acquisition. The integrated 2 MOA hash marks and numbered 4 MOA elevation intervals assist with bullet drop.     

Low Power Variable Optics or LPVOs are riflescopes designed with quickness in mind, with a targeting reticle that is typically focused on fast target acquisition. They are generally found atop semi-automatic rifles and carbines and are used to shoot from close to intermediate distances. Because of their dynamic shooting nature, the turrets on LPVOs are generally capped and the zoom levers are oversized for maximum adjustment speed. For those who are new to LPVOs, it’s easier to think of them as a two in one optic: an optic that has a built-in red dot sight and fully adjustable scope in one package. These optics were made popular in the competitive action-shooting arena, but like most shooting innovations they have been making their way into the military, tactical, law enforcement, and self-defense realms over the past few years.

The Vengeance LPVO has features such as:

  • ½ MOA windage and elevation adjustments with low profile capped turrets
  • Illuminated RAR MOA reticle system with six adjustable brightness settings
  • A 30mm scope body
  • -2/+2 Locking diopter adjustment
  • Box includes instruction manual, removable magnification throw lever, range chart, microfiber lens cloth, and scope lens covers.

The ZeroTech Vengeance LPVO riflescope retails for $499.00. For more information on this optic and other optics and products available from ZeroTech Optics, please visit their website at



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