First Look: XS Sights For Taurus 856/605 Revolvers

Upgrade your sight picture with this drop in replacement for a standard front sight.

posted on May 17, 2023
XS Sight Taurus Revolver

XS Sights is now offering night sights as an upgrade for Taurus Model 856 and 605 owners in the form of XS’s classic Standard Dot night sights. These upgraded sights consist of a front sight with a tritium vial that is surrounded by a photoluminescent orange or green glow dot that absorbs ambient light to also become brighter and provide dual illumination. The glow dot itself is placed on a convex surface, allowing it to absorb as much light as possible. This sight is primarily designed for defensive use in the context of concealed carry and personal protection. 

“Our night sights are bright and easy to see, day or night, which provides significant advantages in personal defense situations,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The increased visibility gained by upgrading from factory sights to XS Standard Dot sights makes it easier to get on target faster, and the sights are really easy to install at home.”

One of the most challenging aspects about shooting any compact revolver like the Taurus 856 or 605 is the fact that they come with tiny sights. Adding a bright and bold front sight to the end of the barrel helps in making quicker shots at defensive distances as well as other conditions with less than ideal lighting.

These sights are designed to be direct drop in replacements for the standard factory Taurus sights. The XS is already pre-drilled to fit the retaining roll pin. To replace the standard front sight, the owner simply needs to drift out the retaining roll pin, pull the factory sight out and replace it with the XS upgraded sight.  

XS Standard Dot Sight Features:

  • Tritium-powered front sight
  • Photoluminescent Glow Dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light
  • High contrast colors, either orange or green 
  • Factory drilled for standard roll pin 
  • CNC machined from durable steel
  • Easy to install 
  • MSRP: $73

Please visit for more information on this sight or other products from XS Sights.


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