First Look: TruGlo Tritium Night Sights for Taurus G3c

posted on July 5, 2020

TruGlo Inc. manufactures fiber-optic and tritium sighting systems for handguns. Now all of TruGlo's wide variety of sights are available for the all-new Taurus G3c pistol.

The Taurus G3c Pistol features a common sight mounting system which provides maximum compatibility with many different aftermarket handgun sight sets. This innovative design allows the G3c to accept many different TruGlo Tritium Pro sights. Tritium Pro sights are an excellent upgrade to many different pistols, and now their benefits are available to owners of the Taurus G3c.

Tritium Pro sights feature a compact design and use the brightest tritium vial available for an extremely bright sight picture in low light or complete darkness. Like other TruGlo Pro series sights, Tritium Pro sights include an angled rear-sight hook, a U-notch, and a Focus•Lock ring on the front sight that is available in either white or orange. This combination of visibility and low-light clarity make them an excellent choice for when your Taurus G3c needs to work as a concealed-carry or home-defense gun. They provide the ultimate in reliability, accuracy and brightness, no matter how tough things get.

TruGlo Tritium Pro Sight Features:

  • Contrasting colored front-sight ring for even faster focus
  • Quick and accurate U-notch design
  • Angled rear-sight edge for emergency one-hand operation

The one thing to keep in mind is that while the front sight and the rear sight dovetail cutouts of the G3c is compatible with additional TruGlo Glock-style sights such as the TFO, TFX, TFX PRO, Fiber-optic and others, the body of the rear sight extends past the rear of the slide. As such, these styles of sights are not recommended for the G3c.

The Taurus G3c is now available at your local gun store or through your favorite online dealer. To learn more about this and other innovative sighting solutions from TruGlo, visit


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