First Look: Walther PD380 Pistol

Combining .380 ACP with a compact size makes for an easy to shoot pistol.

posted on November 6, 2023
Walther PD380

Walther Arms, Inc. is releasing the new Walther PD380, a compact .380 ACP pistol that continues the Walther legacy of quality compact pistols.

“Comfort, reliability, and confidence is at the forefront when you’re carrying, which is exactly what the PD380 was designed for. It embodies the perfect fusion of power, elegance, and ease,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “Whether it’s holstered on your person, in a bag or in a purse, the compact dimensions provide a balance in comfort and concealability, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high-performance pistol that doesn't compromise personal protection.”

The heart of the PD380 is the top-notch Walther engineering, which brings a sense of comfortable design along with compatibility for concealment and confidence building. The lower recoil of the .380 ACP round grants shooters the ability to embrace every shot, free from concerns about punishing recoil, ensuring that your moments on the range or in the field becomes an ideal experience.

Walther PD380 Features:

  • Industry standard sights: Ensuring precise and accurate aiming.
  • Performance Duty grip texture: Designed to enhance shooting proficiency and provide a secure hold.
  • SuperTerrain slide serrations: Allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol.
  • Double Action/Single Action: Versatile shooting options allowing for both rapid follow-up shots and the option to carry with the hammer down.
  • Paddle magazine release: Swiftly reload with the intuitive and ambidextrous paddle magazine release, enabling smooth and efficient magazine changes.
  • .380 ACP caliber: Harness the ideal balance of power and manageable recoil, making it perfect for concealed carry and personal defense.
  • 9 Round capacity: Ensures ample firepower with a 9-round magazine capacity, providing extra rounds for added confidence in critical situations.
  • Ambidextrous slide-mounted safety: Provides the freedom to confidently engage or disengage the safety mechanism using either hand.

For more information on the new PD380 or other products from Walther Arms, please visit


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