First Look: Throom Targets

All the fun of steel targets, with a decreased chance of a dangerous ricochet.

posted on July 14, 2022
Throom targets

Steel targets are enjoyable to shoot because they give you instant feedback, but they are not suitable for use on some ranges. Throom targets are designed to function just like steel targets while mitigating the risk of bullet or jacket fragments bouncing back, ricocheting and potentiall injuring shooters and bystanders. This is a risk that is always present when steel targets are shot at gun ranges or competitions, especially when these targets are close up. Throom Targets have fewer ricochets thanks to their proprietary laser green colored Shoot-Throo polymer construction. The special polymer allows projectiles to pass through directly to the regular back stop while leaving only pinhole sized pock marks at the impact point. The material is able to handle repeated impacts—some pieces can take up to one thousand rounds of full metal jacket projectiles up to .45-caliber diameter in size.

One of the things to be aware of shooting at a Throom target is the muzzle velocity and the distance downrange from their muzzles to the Throom targets. Any firearm and ammunition combination that has bullets traveling at or over 1,250 feet per second requires that Throom targets are placed at least 75 yards away from the muzzle; bullets with a high rate of speed may can zip right through the material without making much movement or reactions. The ideal target placement distance for projectiles traveling between 1,250 to 750 feet per second is anywhere between 5 to 75 yards. For safety reasons, bullets traveling at less than 750 feet per second should not be used with Throom targets as these slower moving bullets do present a chance of unsafe ricochets. This also includes pellets or BBs from air guns.

For more information on Throom Reactive Targets by Newbold and to see an extensive list of all the target shapes and styles and accessories available for sale, please visit their website at  


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